10 Amazing Flavors Of Vaping In 2021

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Vaping is a new hot trend. This fun new activity has gained enormous popularity in the last few years. In the last year, vapes have created a massive buzz in the world. The popularity of vapes broke all records and banked more than $6 billion in 2020. From quitting smoking to making viral tik-toks, adults are getting into vaping for different reasons. The manufacturers responded to this increased demand by providing high-quality products and exciting flavors.

Indeed, modern vapes run on high-cut technology. Yet, the best part about vaping is still its flavors. The e-liquid you fill in the device comes in a wide range of flavors. Yes, a wide, a wide range! Nutty, fruity, or spicy, whatever is your preference, there is an e-liquid flavor available in the market. Choosing the right one may seem like a challenge. That is why we have bought a list of ten unique flavors of vaping for 2021. 

  1. Lava Flow by Nic Salt Vape Juice

This flavor ranked first on this list as it was the most voted flavor on vaping360. Naked 100 salt won the race with flying colors, among other vaping liquid flavors. With the hints of strawberry, pineapple, and coconut, this flavor gracefully does the Hula dance on your tongue. You can experience different flavors while using it, which kind of justifies its place on this list. Also, please check the freemax clearance sale.

  1. Blueberry Cake by Avida CBD

This one is for the health buffs vapers out there. From improving sleep cycles to promoting relaxation, CBD is a miraculous molecule that offers numerous benefits. When you combine this molecule with the pleasures of vaping, the result is marvelous. The Blueberry Cake flavor is perfect when you love desserts. It is a beautiful mixture of fruity berries and creamy cake.

  1. Staw-melon Slush by Zamblebox

The summer is getting hotter, and you know what may cooldown – The Straw-melon slush! The watermelon sugar game will meet the fancy strawberry, and together, they will reach the sky. The sweet and tangy strawberry perfectly complements the melony flavors. The refreshing fruity flavor of this e-liquid creates a fantastic effect as soon as they tickle your taste buds. The summer will be ecstatic with this straw-melony flavor. 

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  1. Ice Menthol by Vampire Vape

Brain freeze is one of those crazy sensations that are painful and fun at the same time. Ice Menthol flavor is perfect to create that beautiful effect. Besides, many beginners have voted it one of the best vapes for the new-vapers.

  1. Strawberry Macron by Vape Dinner Lady

Who doesn’t like French desserts? They are one of the most exquisite things in the world. This one flavor gives you a taste of delicate strawberry macron. This flavor is a beautiful amalgamation of creamiest coconut and freshest strawberries. The intricate flavors of this e-liquid make it one of the best dessert vaping juices.

  1. Porn Star Martini by Pink Label

Martini is an ultimate symbol of posh and classiness. Martinis make you feel exclusive, regardless if you are in your pajamas or wearing a tuxedo. After all, it is James Bond’s drink; elegance and sophistication are inevitable. This flavor brings all that nightclub vibe to your vape. The beautiful blend of vanilla-infused vodka and tangy passion fruit linger a longer on your tongue. Then, the playful lime and prosecco that end each vape session on slightly higher notes than you started. 

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  1. Churronimo by FJ E-Liquids

When Cinnamon meets Vanilla, they create the world’s most potent spell on tastebuds. Churros are the celebration of that majestic spell. FJ E-liquids have perfectly caught the essence of this spell in the Churronimo flavor. If you are a dessert person, this is the flavor for you. The mighty Vanilla and spicy Cinnamon of this flavor lead to beautiful effects upon vaping them.

  1. Caramel Coffee Custard by Coffee Society

The aroma of coffee is one of the happiest smells in the world. It feels immensely refreshing to wake up smelling a coffee. Coffee society has brought all those notes of fresh coffee along with hints of caramel and custards. Vaping this flavor leaves the sweetness of caramel and freshness of coffee on the taste buds. What’s more? Well, the cream custard just completes the story with a happy ending.

  1. Sherbet Lemon by Double Dripe

If you are into vaping to create those thick vapor clouds, you have found the perfect flavor. The manufacturers have designed this flavor especially for the sub-ohm type of vapes. So, to enjoy it properly, you have to ensure that you are using it in the right tank. This flavor starts with not of tart and sweet. The zingy lemon lingers a little longer on your tongue and gives you a refreshing feeling. 

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  1. Five States by Baccy Roots

This last one on this list is the flavor for hard-core tobacco lovers. Baccy Roots is a brand famous for making high tobacco e-liquids. Their flavors are suitable for people that are used to strong tobacco flavors. This particular flavor is a blend of rich tobacco with nuts and chocolate. Indeed, it is an adult’s flavor, yet, the chocolate hints make it a little playful.

Final Words

Vaping is becoming a synonym for good times. Whether relaxation or partying, everyone has a reason to buy their vapes. They give you the freedom to choose the flavors you love. Fruity and spicy or creamy and nutty, whatever is your choice, there is a perfect flavor available for you. With the above list on your hand, you can now explore the magical blends of flavors and enjoy vaping.