10 Common Mistakes during eCommerce Website Design

Before the digital age, people used to pop in the local store and procure their desired things. With time, things have improved. Now online e-commerce stores have partially replaced the local stores. People love to browse the internet and, as per their convenience, love to shop online.

As per the recent studies, out of 10-6 people prefer to shop online and have shown their interest in shopping online rather than visiting their local stores. There could be ample reasons behind their choice. The most common cause is that online shopping sites are attractive and timely; they offer lucrative and heavy discounts on numerous items. 

They also buy one get one free ideology and further distribute online shopping coupons to their loyal and frequent customers. Moreover, online shopping is enhancing the experience for the consumers as they can discover a massive list of items on a single platform and compare and buy them as per their convenience. 

Lately, many businesses have started switching to e-commerce websites. They know that scope is bright, and they can earn more potential income online than a physical store. To get an appealing e-commerce website, you need to find a good web design company

Experts will analyse your business needs and accordingly can design a suitable site for you. Here are a few things you need to note and make sure that it won’t occur with your web design. Some common mistakes that developers perform may cost you a loss of potential business in the near future. 

Below written are some points that you need to keep in mind and don’t practice them while getting your e-commerce site developed by a Web Design Company: 

Ignorance of listing products

In the end, the ideology behind getting an e-commerce site is to sell more business products online. To make the products quickly accessible to people around the globe, so that they can shop online and enjoy its features. But the story seems turned into a different pathway. Primarily people are trying to develop their sites with eye-catching designs and other whistles and bells buttons. In this case, your prospective customers will be distracted, and they won’t procure anything online. So, in short, list more products online to let them sell quickly.  

Display policies bluntly 

When you get your e-commerce site developed from a renowned web design company, you must have nothing to hide from consumers. Right? In General, people don’t disclose their shipping, returning, and order cancellation policies on their e-commerce sites, leading to chaos later. It would be advisable to display all your policies either in the form of FAQ’s or at the bottom of your front page. Transparency is the best policy to implement in the online business world. 

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Hidden shipping cost

If your customers don’t get transparent shipping rates at once, they will abandon online shopping. People don’t love to wait longer or wait for an email later to receive accurate shipping charges for their respective orders; if you want to stay longer in online business than at any cost, never compromise with transparency of work with your consumers. 

Weak Navigation System

Your e-commerce browsing experience should be enhanced for the consumers. At any cost, they must not feel miserable due to a flawed navigation system. If they try to locate a specific product, your web page must navigate them to the desired item instead of taking them to an irrelevant item page.     

Minimum Payment options 

People who shop online never equally use the same payment methods. Some love to pay via cash on delivery, and others love to pay via credit or debit cards. Moreover, people also love to redeem their coupons or vouchers. So more payment options on your e-commerce web page will provide them with the better boost to your sales you can expect.  

Some other common mistakes that consumers have encountered while shopping on e-commerce platforms are: 

  • Relevant products are missing 
  • Inappropriate cart design 
  • Low-resolution product images 
  • No live chat assistance 
  • Need to sign in before check-out 

The Final Words

E-Commerce sites will perform more sales if you avoid the up-mentioned points. Consult with your web design company and frequently brainstorm new ideas that can boost your sales quickly.