10 Points to Know Before Buying Term Life Insurance Plan Online

Are you about to buy term insurance online? Have you done your research and selected the plan already? If not, then we are here to help you! Take a look at this article to know about ten of the most vital points that you must know before you purchase a term life insurance policy.

1. Know what you need –

Be very sure of the coverage amount you need when you buy term insurance online. Calculate the financial needs of your family, your unpaid loans, etc and then arrive at the correct amount.

2. Make a budget –

Make a budget to understand how much money you can spare to pay the term insurance premium each year. Once that is done, compare term insurance plans online and find a policy within your budget.

3. Consider riders –

Riders help you to customise your term plan. So look to attach some good riders to your basic term life cover and increase the scope and extent of the policy.

4. Check the premium payment options –

The online term plans have several premium payment options. Some plans have a limited premium paying term while others have a regular premium paying term. Then, you can also choose to pay the premium yearly, semi-yearly, quarterly or monthly. Choose the premium payment term very carefully when you buy a term insurance plan.

5. Compare –

It is extremely important for you to compare term insurance plans online before making a purchase. Comparing helps you to easily and quickly find the best plan at the best rate.

6. Find a good insurer –

When you compare term insurance plans online, also remember to run a comparison between the insurers. Compare and see which insurer is the best and buy the term plan from them.

7. Look for tax benefits –

You get the usual tax rebates under Section 80C when you pay the term insurance premium. You may also be eligible for tax deductions under other sections such as Section 80D if you have riders such as the critical illness rider. So check carefully and ensure you get the highest tax benefits from your term plan.

8. Look for convertible plans –

Many term plans can be converted into whole life plans later on. If that is a plausible option for you, look for convertible plans when you purchase your term cover online.

9. Calculate the premium –

You can use an online tool called the premium calculator to understand what the premium of your term plan will be before making a purchase. Use this free tool to get a realistic idea and also to plan your budget.

10. Buy online –

Always buy term insurance online. The online term plans are much cheaper and they are faster and easier to get as well. There are no insurance agents involved and you buy the plan directly from the insurer, making the process very safe and sound.

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, you get many benefits when you compare term insurance plans online and then make a purchase. So go ahead and do so and get an ideal cover today!