17 Exciting Kraft Paper Properties You Should Know

Kraft paper has become one of the leading packaging materials in the industry due to its eco-friendly nature, strength, and cost-efficiency.

But did you know that this popular packing supply has some interesting facts and features?

So here are some of the most interesting aspects of kraft paper rolls.

Kraft Paper Rolls

General characteristics of kraft paper

  • Unlike how it looks, kraft paper has high-strength compression performance. As most businesses transport products throughout the country and even outside, kraft papers are subjected to squeeze and resistance tests.
  • Due to its durability, kraft paper is often used in the cement industry, fertiliser bags, and others with a certain degree of breathability.

Colour classification of Kraft paper

  • Naturally, Kraft paper is brown and very subtle. Its surface impurities are also quite prominent. It acts as an outer layer to prevent items from dust, moisture, or shock.
  • There are various kinds of Kraft paper based on its tint and composition. Single-sided Kraft paper has a coating on one side, where printed colours can be added. Double-sided ones have two faces, smooth and bright.
  • Many of us are aware that Kraft paper is made of wood pulp which gives its brown colour. Some Kraft papers are made of recycled pulp.
  • Efficient companies like Wellpack Europe ensure to have Kraft paper rolls that are almost 99% consistent. Therefore, buying kraft paper from a reliable source is very important to avoid colour deviation in your Kraft paper carrier bags.
  • Do you know that there are two types of yellow Kraft paper? Yes, one is a bright yellow paper that is refined. Another one is a double-sided paper roll with stripes. Both of them are high-quality papers and are on the expensive side.
  • Black Kraft paper, although much uncommon, has a distinctive grey bottom and single cardboard lining. These are often used in photo frames, photo albums, jewellery boxes, desk calendars, stationery boxes, clothing bags, etc.

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Food grade Kraft paper

  • These are a little different than regular Kraft papers. Most takeaway meals that you order comes in Kraft paper packaging. These are not only superior quality paper rolls, but they are moisture-proof, waterproof, and oil immersion. Along with that, they have low-temperature freezing and an extended expiration date.
  • Surprisingly, despite so many aspects of these packaging materials, the cost of food-grade Kraft paper is much less than other packing supplies.
  • Food-grade Kraft papers can be reused and recycled many times. They are more environmentally friendly than yellow kraft paper.
  • Food packing Kraft papers have a yellow or white tinge to them. They basically cover most of the market share. However, due to some issues, rules have been made pretty strict with these papers.
  • One of the main concerns with white Kraft paper is the content of fluorescent agents harmful to humans. This comes from brighteners added to white Kraft paper pulp to boost their ‘whiteness.’ As a result, a high amount of phosphor is added to the mixture, which has long-term health risks and cancer-causing risks.
  • This is why adding phosphors have been forbidden in the food packaging industry.

Characteristics of recycled kraft paper

  • The primary difference between recycled Kraft paper and ordinary Kraft paper is in the raw materials. Recycled Kraft paper is made from recycled paper pulp. But standard Kraft paper is made from natural wood pulp.
  • Due to this factor, recycled Kraft paper often contains some impurities that might affect the durability of these rolls. But with emerging technology, even recycled Kraft paper is meeting the standards of high-end packaging supplies.

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With swelling apprehensions about environmental issues, people are deviating from brands that are more eco-conscious. And Kraft paper is one of the most eco-friendly packaging supplies in the market. Just make sure to check the quality and the appearance of the roll before buying. Any dents, dust, stains, and holes will affect the durability of the Kraft paper roll.