5 Facts You Should Know Before Having a Vasectomy

When a couple decides not for having a child in future then they adopt vasectomy surgery. It is a surgical process in which a physician blocks the sperm to merge into semen. In this way, a male can’t pregnant anyone. However, here are some important facts that should you know about vasectomy.

What is Vasectomy?

In medical terms, vasectomy is a type of small operation that blocks the sperm at the time of ejaculation. In other words, it prevents your sperm to merge with semen during ejaculation. Most people go with vasectomy to escape from pregnancy. Due to the lack of sperm in the body, a male is unable to pregnant someone. In such a situation, a male can get orgasm and ejaculate only.

Well, there are two types of vasectomy a conventional and no-scalpel vasectomy. It is really effective and most couples used it to prevent pregnancy. Each couple must take information about vasectomy before the procedure. Here are 5 important facts that you should know before going through vasectomy:

1) Is vasectomy the right choice for the couple?

Before vasectomy, a couple should take time to discuss it. However, vasectomy has both advantages and disadvantages like:


  • If a male doesn’t want children in future then vasectomy is an ideal choice.
  • If your partner is unable to get pregnant due to health or personal reason then vasectomy is best.
  • If you and your partner are suffering from genetic disorders and don’ want to have children then you can go through vasectomy.


  • If you want only temporary birth control then vasectomy is not the right choice.
  • If any couple is not sure to have children in future then they must make sure before vasectomy.

2) Usually, Vasectomy is a Safe & Effective Procedure!

During the procedure of vasectomy, the doctors use local anaesthesia or sedation to keep you away from lots of pain. Through sedation and medications, a person can go with vasectomy without lots of pain and stress.

  • Most doctors use local anaesthesia or sedation to get rid of anxiety during the process of vasectomy.
  • A physician will create a blockage to prevent sperm from getting in semen during vasectomy. After the procedure, sperm can’t be ejaculated from the testicles.
  • However, this process is safe and effective. After the surgery of vasectomy, a male can do his work in two or three days. 
  • Even, you can also continue your physical workout in seven days and can also do sex after 7 days of surgery.
  • Lastly, you have to face swelling for only two weeks.

3) It is not possible to do Sterilization Just after Vasectomy!

After the procedure of vasectomy, the sperm count will start to decrease gently. If your semen is not completely sperm free then you have to go with birth control methods to avoid pregnancy. However, it takes around two months or 20 ejaculations to complete the process. You must take advice from your physician until getting proper results.

4) If you have had a vasectomy then other options available for having a child in future!

After having a vasectomy, a couple can get a child in future. There are two methods are available for it:

  • The first method (Reversal of vasectomy):

If you want children in future but you have had a vasectomy then you can still fulfil your desire.

A vasectomy can be reversed through surgery which is also known as “surgical sperm extraction”. Usually, a vasectomy can take only 20 minutes to complete the process. But, vasectomy reversal can take around 4-6 hours to complete the process. It is so complicated process and there is no surety of pregnancy after vasectomy reversal.

  • Second Method (Other methods):

If you have had a vasectomy and want a child in future then there are other methods available for acquiring your sperm instead of vasectomy reversal. A couple can also go with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) in which a physician will also include surgical sperm extraction. TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction) & PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) have a higher success rate in this field. Compared to vasectomy reversal, these methods are effective, easy and safe for pregnancy.

5) Vasectomy does not have a negative impact on your sexual life!

According to the study, vasectomy is a safe and secure surgical process. There are no side effects of it in our sexual life. Here are some points to clarify this point:

  • After the process of vasectomy, you will feel more orgasm but there will be no sperm included in your semen. In other words, sperm count will be zero after vasectomy.
  • According to the research, around 5 to 10% of the orgasm directly occurs from the testicles. However, the remaining orgasm occurs from prostate and seminal vesicles. 
  • Thus, there will be no major impact on your sexual life after vasectomy.
  • But, still, if you are facing any trouble in your sexual life then visit your physician.

In Conclusion

There are many effective solutions available compared to vasectomy reversal. IVF is one of the best ways to achieve pregnancy in future if you have had a vasectomy. However, the IVF treatment in Bangalore is also available for you. You can also visit the fertility centre to know the IVF cost in Bangalore.