5 Tips to Safely Clean Your House During Pregnancy

You are fortunate enough if you don’t have to do any household chores after a positive pregnancy test. Sadly, the truth is that most pregnant women still need to clean their own homes at some point or another during pregnancy.

Luckily, being pregnant does not mean you cannot clean your home. There are specific rules for safer house cleaning that you should follow to keep you and your baby safe. Let’s take a look at them!

Give Priority to Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is quite a challenging job in itself, and the baby’s delivery will require a lot of energy and endurance. While that might still be several months away, doing household chores during pregnancy will surely lower your energy levels and leave you exhausted. Delegate the activity to your spouse or a family member if you truly can. Particularly if you’re in the first or last trimester, go for a maid cleaning service.

Read Labels Carefully

Certain household cleaning products like solvents, polishes, floor waxes, and spot removers are known to contain harsh, abrasive chemicals that can be harmful to your developing baby. These cleaning products often have warning labels for moms-to-be, like “poison,” “danger,” “toxic,” or “corrosive.” To be safe, stay away from anything having these labels.

This is because your defenses are down during pregnancy, and the toxic fumes could irritate your throat, nose, eyes, and lungs. Look for products labeled all-natural or nontoxic instead.

Take Care of Your Skin

Your skin becomes much more sensitive than usual during pregnancy due to the altered biochemistry of your body. Products that you might not have been allergic to earlier could cause contact dermatitis and lead to inflamed, irritated, and itchy skin.

Fragrances, bleach, detergents, chlorine, and added dyes – the stuff you use to clean your house – are all potential culprits. So keep your skin safe by wearing long-sleeved maternity clothes, a mask, and a pair of latex gloves every time you clean something.

Keep the Windows Open

Whether the cleaning solution has been created with organic ingredients or has a flowery fragrance, open all the windows to keep the room well ventilated while you are cleaning. If there’s no window in the room, leave the door open and turn on the fan.

Likewise, run the exhaust fan when you are cleaning the bathroom. Keeping windows open and turning on the fan will ensure a free flow of air throughout the room. It will also help any toxic vapors find their way outside easily.

Keep Away From the Kitty Litter

If you’re a pregnant woman with pet cats, you should altogether avoid cleaning the litter tray. The reason is that litter boxes can expose you to a parasite infection, called toxoplasmosis, which can pose a severe threat to you and your unborn baby. It can cause miscarriage or even prematurity.

If possible, avoid this chore and delegate it to someone else. In case there is no one else available, wear gloves and do the same with extreme caution. After you’re done, wash your hands thoroughly with hand wash liquid or soap.