7 Quirky Hairstyles To Light Up This Festive Season

Since the festive season is fast approaching, there have been a lot of parties, family gatherings and dinners. You think of party, makeup and outfit but what about the different hairstyles for every occasion. As with different outfits you need different hairstyles because one hairstyle can’t go with every outfit. Don’t worry, we have covered you! Here are some super cool hairstyles that you can make from your comfort zone without any assistance. 

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Now, let’s get into the festive hairstyles-

Boho half bun

If you are a bohemian at heart then this hairstyle is for you. For bohemians it is perfect to bring out the boho goddess in you. This is super easy and comfortable. As well as easy to pull off attention grabbing yet chic. For creating this hairstyle, take 2 inch sections of hair and run a soft curl and then comb your hair to lose the curls. After that, take your hair till the ear, pull it up and twist, make a bun and secure it with pins.

Style the gajra

Gajra is never going to old among indians desi and beautiful look. However, gajra usually worn for weddings but for married women you can wear bin festive season as well. You can either wear the real and fresh gajras or nowdays artificial ones are available too. For creating this hairstyle, wash your hair and blow dry. Make a bun with the help of donuts, bobby pins. Then wrap the gajra around the bun and secure with bobby pins. You are good to go!

Sleek hair

The most trendy and popular hairstyle nowadays is sleek hair. This is super clear, choice and beautiful. One can create this at any event by themselves just sitting at home. This suits all hair types. You just need to have the right tool to create this. For creating this, you need a hair serum and straightener. First straighten your hair and then apply the serum or cream-that it is. Pull your front hair till the back of your hair and make it sleek. Keep the rest of the hair back then you are good to go. 

Braided hairstyles

There a lot of hairstyles which comes under the braid hairstyle. Fishtail braid, khaleesi waterfall braid, front braid, side braid and even back braid. There is a lot more than this. Every braid has a different look and its own beauty. You can try out different styles on different outfits. This suits all types of hair and outfit. Not even for the festive season, you can create this anytime. French braids are also one of the most popular hairstyles that look beautiful with all types of hairstyle. 

Beehive updo

Beehive is a voluminous hairstyle that is created by many celebrities. However, this looks super cool and beautiful especially with western outfits. Its bumps create an illusion of height and volume that is easy to pull off. For creating this hairstyle, take the hair till the crown and create a volumized bun and secure it back with a bobby pin. Then grab all the hair and make a high ponytail. Also, wavy hair looks more beautiful with this.

High bun

Creating a bun is never off fashion. Simple yet chic hairstyles for westerns and indian outfits. This goes well with all types of hair whether it is short, long, medium, straight or curly, this is super easy to create even within a few minutes. For creating this style, wash your hair and blow dry. Grab all the hair, pull it up and make a high neat bun. Them simply take out few troubled strand to framing your face. Your simple and fancy hair bun is ready to go. Don’t forget to secure it with a book pin. 

Wispy waves

Waves never go out of style and the best part is this suits every face shape. Especially for medium length hair this looks super amazing. Also, with blonde and highlighted hair this looks like a charm. However, this is simple yet chic to create in this festive season to bring out the fashion in trend. This looks fab with ethnic wear as well as western wear. Have some waves with the help of a hair curler tool and style it as you want and keep your hair open. Then you are good to go!

Bottom line

Hope you found this helpful, these are super easy and beautiful hairstyles to bring out in this festive season. Whether you are wearing ethics or western wear, these go well with all. Just make sure to choose the one according to your need and try out what works best for you. These are hairstyles which are usually tried out by the celebrities and we curated them for you to look trendy as well as fancy.

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