8 AngularJS Development Tools for Effective Website Development

Thriving businesses need flexible and scalable websites in today’s competitive market. Along with modern solutions, one must acquire a trending technology to make way for success. This is where AngularJS makes its significance. Enterprises of every scale want to employ a robust Javascript framework to develop dynamic websites; this is why they prefer to hire AngularJS developers. Angular development imparts excellent user experience and is a prime example of leading frameworks. 

The very next question that comes after the framework is the set of tools. We know that Angular comes with an incredible collection of tools to create high-quality websites and applications. However, we need to be really decisive with these tools as they work as they are the defining factor of our final product. We do not require every tool that Angular offers, but we do need some of its best players to bring out the desired outcomes. 

Before we begin exploring some of the most favorable Angular development tools, let’s catch some essential characteristics of AngularJS. 

Enter AngularJS. 

 AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework specialized in creating websites and single-page applications(SPAs). It allows you to use HTML as a template language and its syntax to define features and components. One key feature of this framework is data binding and dependency injection, which eliminates a significant part of the code and therefore saves you from performing extra coding. 

AngularJS is completely extensible and comes with various sets of libraries. It is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) and MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture and is extensively preferred by more than 40% of Javascript developers. 

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Here are some of the AngularJS properties that make it unique. 

  • Ready to use templates
  • Filters
  • Routing
  • Dependency injection
  • Two-way data binding
  • Deep linking. 

Coming back to the Angular tools, here is a list of the top 8 AngularJS web development tools to attain high-performing and feature-rich website development. 

Top 8 AngularJS Web Development Tools 


Karma is known as a great AngularJS testing automation tool that possesses seamless, powerful features. You can perform any kind of testing such as E2E testing, midway testing and unit testing and even testing from a user’s perspective. Moreover, with Karma, you get to test your tools on various browsers and devices. The best part about this tool is that it can be used with any JavaScript framework. Karma’s versatility can be beneficial to any business in the long run since it lets you test the software under many different conditions. 

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Jasmine is another star in Angular’s testing tool world. It is independent of any other Javascript framework. What makes it distinct from other tools is the behavior driven approach for testing. Somehow when Karma and Jasmine work together, they complement each other by giving a well-structured and documented test. Jasmine also does not rely on any browser and DOM and is perfectly applicable with AngularJS projects. 


Do you ever get tired of constantly refreshing the bar when you want to review the changes? This is a frequent challenge with the platform’s text editor, and there’s a straightforward solution to it, i.e. WebStorm. It is one of the best AngularJS development tools that rescues you from continuous editing and viewing changes. A live text editor facilitates a quick preview of the edited code directly on your browser in its IDE. WebStorm runs with an intelligent code completion approach which makes your work a lot easier. 

What’s even better is its compatibility with CSS and HTML, so if you are working with any of these languages, feel free to include WebStorm. 


When it comes to automated end-to-end testing, Protractor is a great tool. It basically sits on the top of the web driver and copies any user interaction with your application or software. Companies typically use Protractor for browser-specific programs and native events. Since it aids the end-to-end testing, you can also stop worrying about the synchronization process between your test and web pages. The Protractor will constantly pick up another testing as soon as the former task is completed. 


There are very few tools that let you achieve speed without compromising the quality of the software. Angular UI is one of those tools offering rapid application development. It substitutes the widgets with other raw elements and directives like UI-router, UI-map, UI-boot camp etc. 

Hence, the developmental tasks are streamlined and performed in a much smoother ecosystem with AngularUI. 

Sublime Text

Do you find coding extremely tedious? Coding is an actual straining process that needs absolute concentration. Well, if you ever look out for accessible alternatives to relieve you from coding, Sublime Text can be your go-to Angular tool. It’s a cross-platform tool that lets you customize everything. Yes, that’s true, from menus to snippets to key bindings, you name it, and Sublime will customize it. 

The tool also has a command palette for simplified search options. We would absolutely recommend using this tool for a speedy and productive development process. 


How frequently do you wish for easy app content development? Only if there was a tool to serve you the purpose. Now, there is. Djangular helps you create content as per your application’s requirements. You can resource a uniform structure, choose the app for various sites, and perform experiments with Django apps. 

Angular Material 

To implement an interactive and organized material design, Angular Material is an ideal choice. It has a wide range of UI components that can be reused to different sets. Other features include responsive layout, directives and files, a JS theming model, CSS library for typography etc. 

Wrapping Up! 

The Angular tools mentioned above have the capacity to transform any website or application. You might not need all of them. However, detailed information lets you make a smart decision. We would also suggest you hire top AngularJS developers to get hold of the exact project requirements. At the end of the day, we want you to foresee an easy and smooth transition in the development.