8 Simple Poses of Yoga For Stress Relief

Be it work or toxic relationships, stress finds a way to disturb your mental health. With mental health wobbling around, it is very hard to focus on your physical health. So, getting rid of stress is crucial if you want to live an easy life. Where everything seems to fall short, practicing yoga for stress relief could be your best option.

With that being said, here are the top 8 poses of yoga for stress relief you should practice for overall wellness. Keep reading.

Top 8 Poses of Yoga For Stress Relief

Child’s Pose

To release stress and calm your mind, nothing comes at par with the child’s pose. Practicing the Child’s pose removes stress and muscle fatigue from your legs. Moreover, it increases the flexibility of your ankles.

The Child’s pose works on the central nervous system that helps relax your mind. Moreover, the forward bending stance while practicing this pose works on your spine.

Bridge Pose

Do you know your lower back is affected the most by constant sitting and stressing out? Yes! You read that right. That is why you should practice the bridge pose. It strengthens your lower back, hamstring muscles, and increases the balance of your feet.

When you practice the Bridge pose, you tuck your chin in your chest. This stretches the back muscles of your neck. Hence, it not just works on your spine & lower back but also your neck and shoulder muscles.

Cat-Cow Stretch

One of the easiest yoga poses to learn and practice is the Cat-Cow stretch. It works on the alignment of your spine and shoulder muscles. Moreover, practicing this pose relieves hip pain and increases the mobility of your hip joint.

Moreover, the Cat-Cow stretch strengthens your wrist and arms. Further, make sure you focus on breathing in a proper manner while practicing this yoga pose.

Easy Pose

This is one of the easiest and most crucial poses of yoga for stress relief. All you have to do is sit in a relaxed crossed-leg position. Easy pose is a unique yoga for stress relief pose. This pose has zero physical movements.

Hence, you learn to calm your mind and flush out negative thoughts going in your mind. Crossing your legs improves the blood flow in the tail of your spine. Moreover, keeping your spine straight helps you engage the supporting muscles. Thus, even without physical movement, it has many benefits.

Tree Pose

Are you struggling to find balance in life? If yes, you should practice the Tree pose. It is a great pose of yoga for stress relief that enhances your overall balance. From physical to mental, it works on all the dimensions of your being.

Furthermore, it makes your legs stronger and helps you engage your core muscles. Hence, practicing the Tree pose makes you stable in life. This way, you learn how to perform different things at hand without getting stressed.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is an amazing pose of yoga for stress. A major concern while practicing this pose is breathing. While stretching and reaching your chest out, you should breathe in. This expands your chest and helps in breathing fresh air.

When you get back in the neutral position, you should breathe out and empty your stomach of all air. It helps you get rid of all the stale air from your body. Moreover, it removes stress and other negative emotions from your life.

Legs Up The Wall

Do your legs feel weak? Well, it might be due to the accumulation of stress and fatigue in your legs. In that case, you should practice Legs Up The Wall. It works on the lymphatic system working in your legs.

Legs up the wall pose reverse the flow of fluids through your legs. Hence, you feel relaxed. Moreover, in this pose, the position of your head is low. Thus, there is a gush of oxygenated blood in your brain.

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Corpse Pose

Are you looking for a way to relax your mind and body? If yes, you should practice the Corpse pose. It is a static pose of yoga for stress relief that ensures you relax your body and mind. More than that, the corpse pose offers you a much deeper insight into your mind.


If you want to relax your mind and release stress, include the above-mentioned poses of yoga for stress relief in your routine. Regularly practicing them not just improves your mental mechanisms but also physical health. With consistent practice, you become calm and a composed being.

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