A Mini-Guide to The Importance of Installing Clipsal RCCB in Your House

RCCB or Residual Current Circuit Breaker, also known as RCD or Residual Current Device, helps protect a low voltage circuit caused due to a leakage fault. Whenever the current does not get through neutral or current leaks, the built-in switch sets off within a few seconds. The RCCB helps in providing the necessary production and helps prevent any accidental touch due to small current leakage or insulation failure. Compared to the fuse or MCB, the Clipsal rcbo is a much safer and better option. 

Why have an RCC installed if you have the MCB?

Two types of dangerous electrical faults can have fatal results. They are as follows.

  • Although the MCB may protect current flow, it may not be effective if a low or short current fault can result in a high current fault.
  • The MCB may be or may not be able to detect low-level leakage. Even if it does and the right action is not taken on time, it can prove fatal for a human or even damage the appliances at home. This problem can arise when insulation failure occurs due to the earth leakage caused by an accidental touch or issues with the electric socket.

In such cases, installing a Clipsal rcbo is a sensible option and plays a vital role in protecting while dealing with electricity-related issues. 

Types of Clipsal rcbo

Clipsal rcbo is manufactured as per the guidelines set with IEC 61008-1 1996 or IS 12640 (part I): 2008. No doubt, you do have different RCCB’s for commercial use, but things are a lot different when it comes to residential purposes.  In the market, there are 2 types RCCBs; they are as follows.

  • The 2 pole RCCB 

The 2 pole RCCB is used when you have a single-phase supply containing a neutral and live wire connected to each other at the end. 

  • The 4 pole RCCB

The 4 pole RCCB is used when you have a three-phase supply wherein you have a neutral and three-phase wire connected at the ends. 

In both cases, the ON and OFF rotary switch is used along with a test button to check the RCCB functionality regularly. Whenever there is a need to shut the power supply, the RCCB is designed to ensure it happens automatically. 

RCCB Vs. ELCB – which is the better option?

The ELCB was designed to help in the detection of current leakage by measuring the earth resistance voltage. Although it was essential, there were still certain issues like erroneous tripping, reliability, electric shocks, especially during the monsoons, and so on. 

The RCD or RCCB, on the other hand, was developed to help sort the various problems that people faced. In a way, it helped to sort the issues mentioned above and was also designed to provide additional protection and stability. 

While installing the RCCB, you have to make sure that it is done correctly. You need to pay attention not to isolate it, especially if you face frequent tripping issues. Moreover, it is also important that you learn at least the basic technique of troubleshooting to identify the possible causes of RCCB tripping and find out the reasons behind why it is happening. 

Does the functioning of the RCCB be affected if there is a disconnected earth wire?

When the Earth wire is disconnected, the leaking current passes through it, and there are chances that a person can get a shock as the charge passes through the body. A person can withstand a mild shock, but it can equally be fatal and result in death. 

In the case of any appliance, the earth wire’s disconnection can result in it weakening or extensive damage. In such cases, the machine may be repairable or permanently damaged depending on how bad things are. 

When you install the Clipsal rcbo, you are preventing such things from happening. The RCCB will immediately take the necessary action at the right time and ensure the safety of everyone and everything that is connected. 

A final note on Clipsal rcbo

Installing an RCCB is very important to protect your appliances and yourself from any mishaps due to electricity. It is important to get the installation done through a professional so that nothing is overlooked. You can easily buy the RCD or RCCB from the market; however, you need to ensure that you choose a good and trustworthy brand. Do not think about taking shortcuts or doing things yourself unless you are an electrician or have proper knowledge about dealing with electricity.