Acupuncture: how it works, benefits and risks

You must have heard people talking about use of acupuncture treatment for various kinds of problems and pains and must have also heard people advising to use acupuncture slipper or roller. But have you ever wondered what this acupuncture is and how it works?

So, here we have gathered for you some of the very basic and important information related to acupuncture to provide a good source of knowledge regarding it in this present article.

What is Acupuncture?

This is a form of medical treatment that is used as an alternative medicine and is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine where needles are used for treatment and for that purpose are inserted in the body.

Under Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that human body is consisting of more than 2000 acupuncture points which are all connected to each other by a particular path and health of a person highly and mostly depends on the energy that flows by these paths.

How it Works?

While practicing acupuncture thin, metallic or wooden needles are inserted into the skin and are then activated by gentle, trained, and specific movements of the needles by the concerned practitioner using hands or electrical pulses. If any obstruction is faced in the flow of energy from these paths then as a result any disease is caused.

Acupuncture needles

These are 0.22mm diameter stainless steel acupuncture needles of 25mm length compared with the size of a penny. This is often referred to as a 1″ acupuncture needle. The handle is the traditional Chinese Medicine style and is wound. (Source: Wikipedia)

And acupuncture is considered a way to improve the flow of energy by that path and help to treat the concerned disease-promoting healthy body. It is also believed to stimulate the central nervous system which as a result promotes the release of chemicals into the muscles, brain, and spinal cord which in turn enhances the physical and psychological health of a person.


Studies have shown that acupuncture is a very effective method of treatment of various problems with a combination of some conventional therapies, which as a result provides great relief and promotes a healthy body.

Some of the health problems cured by use of acupuncture are as follows:

1) Digestive problems: Acupuncture is used to treat digestive problems or problems associated with the digestive tract like providing relief from gas in the stomach, piles, hepatitis and even disturbing bowel syndrome.

2) Psychological problems: Many psychological issues related to a person’s day-to-day life/health can be treated by the use of acupuncture treatment. It helps to get relief from anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Even nervousness that is a very common issue that we face in various situations can be overcome or suppressed by the use of acupuncture treatment.

3) Respiratory problems: May breathing related issues or diseases in the respiratory organs like lungs, nose, throat, etc can be treated by use of acupuncture. Respiratory issues like allergy, sinus, sore throat and even asthma and bronchitis gets a great relief by using this method.

4) Gynecological problems: Many reproductive health issues of many males and females can be treated effectively to a great extent by the use of this treatment. Some of the issues include male and female infertility and also provides relief from menstrual pain in females.

5) Neurological problems: Many problems related to nervous system or nerve can be treated by use of this method. The major neurological problem that gets relief from the use of acupuncture treatment includes various type of headache like migraine and also provides relief from Parkinson’s disease and Neurogenic bladder dysfunction.

6) Muscle-skeletal problems: Health issues such as neck pain, muscle cramps, pains, and weaknesses can get relief by the use of this method. Even problems in spinal cord or back pain and pain related to bones such as osteoarthritis can be treated by the use of acupuncture treatment.

Even some of the issues like addiction, gum pain after dental surgery or Nausea after any anesthetic surgery or even chemotherapy can be treated by use of acupuncture. Even stroke can be rehabilitated by use of this method.


If the action is performed by a certified and experienced practitioner than there are very less chances of risks associated with the use of this method. But still there are some underlying risks associated with this method.

1) If care is not taken in sterilizing the needle before application then there are high chances of infection by its use and the needles also must be disposed off after single use.

2) If you have a heart issue or have a pacemaker installed inside you then you should not go for the acupuncture process as the electrical pulses used in this can affect adversely the working of the pacemaker.

3) If you are pregnant then the acupuncture process must be avoided by you as it can stimulate labor which may affect the health of the fetus and even cause premature delivery.


We can see that acupuncture is a very effective treatment for a variety of conditions. But still, care must be taken while performing acupuncture since it’s not suitable for everyone; it has a different impact on different persons. So, it is always advised to first consult a doctor and get the proper information of a licensed and trained practitioner before starting the process.