All the Kit a Gamer Needs for Live Streaming

Video game live streaming is when a gamer plays their usual campaign but for an audience. The content is also usually recorded to be uploaded to a social e-platform for people to view retrospectively. To do this, a gamer needs several devices to make their videos worth watching. You don’t get thousands of followers through poor quality content, so to make the best quality media, the equipment needs to match up. Read on to find out all the kit a gamer needs for live streaming. 

Audio Setup

A primary part of any live stream activity is the vocal narrative. It is not enough for people to simply see what is happening in the game, the point is to explain the method, reasoning, and actions taken. The audio is what makes you unique as a streamer and enables you to stand out – there might be a dozen other live streamers playing the same game as you or walking through the same sequence but you are the only one with your voice. A good option is to opt for a cam/mic combination, but microphone headsets or standalone units are equally viable. 

Stable Internet Connection

Live streaming means the media is being relayed in real time through using some form of internet connection. To avoid losing viewers and glitchy content, this connection has to be reliable. If the wi-fi is lacking where you tend to stream there are ways around this. Firstly, and least conveniently, consider moving to a place with a better connection. If that is not an option, try moving the router around to see where it gets the best signal. Upgrading to a more efficient service or using a hardwire connection are also ways to speed up the line. 


A webcam is a recording device usually connected to a PC or laptop. A live stream gamer uses them to record their content. Though this is not the only method, it is one of the more convenient and least hassle methods. If budget allows, lean towards HD Gaming Webcams devices as these provide the optimum resolution and therefore the clearest picture for content. It is not necessarily true that HD always costs more, but like anything, there are some top end prices for the best spec models. That being said, mid-range HD cams are more than fine and will still have a positive impact on created media. The camera is essentially used to record the screen and sometimes capture audio while streaming. Because a webcam is connected directly to the computer device, content is automatically uploaded waiting for edits. It cuts out the middle man! 

These are three essentials for anyone undertaking live streaming activities. A solid webcam, some good audio equipment, and a stable internet connection will set you up nicely and enable pristine content to reach the masses. Streaming can yield millions of followers, but only if the media is up to a high standard – no one is going to watch a grainy, distorted video when they don’t have to.