All you need to know about Armstrong’s Supply Chain Management Software

“The supply chain stuff is really tricky.” – Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

As the demand increases, so is the supply. Now to manage the supply chain stuff is a bit trickier process. Just imagine the management of the flow of goods and data relevant to the product or service, from the stage of raw materials to the shipping of the final goods. Well, now you might be thinking about how raw material is taken out, stored, and processed, how goods are designed and stored or shipped. This is a long and time taking process. How can one easily handle all the data of the goods easily and efficiently? The supply chain management software is the answer.

As the name suggests, supply chain management software helps manage the whole process of the supply chain with the help of software. Armstrong with its service of Supply Chain Management Software is like a cherry on the cake along with its amazing solutions in Industrial Automation.

All you should know about Supply Chain Management Software

It is a very basic task to keep a record of all the work done from the beginning to the end. Now, in the case of goods, data, and finances, that is done with the help of Supply Chain Management Software. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is to manage the flow of the whole process of the goods from the initial to the final stage. If you say, it is very similar to logistics, you are wrong. Logistics is just one part of the supply chain, like a handful of water in the vast ocean.

Previously, a few decades before, the supply chain management was done manually with the file system which was very hectic and time-consuming as well. And many times the data gets lost and can’t be easily restored as the file system has this disadvantage of no backup of data if the data gets lost. Now, with the help of digital Supply Chain Management systems, the task of storage of data on the goods became much easier than one can ever imagine. This supply chain management software helps in material handling for each and everyone connected to the task in the product or service department, in order fulfillment and to track the information of the goods.

Supply Chain activities include the management of:

  1. Procurement
  2. Logistics
  3. Supply Chain Planning
  4. Product Lifecycle Management
  5. Order Management

Armstrong’s Industry 4.0 & IoT

Now the supply chain management of the goods is done in a more trivial way, with the Industry 4.0 warehouse automation. Armstrong helps a warehouse to create a ‘smart factory’ for themselves with the data exchange systems and automation. The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown rapidly in decades, and the real and virtual world has fused due to the Internet, it is helping a lot in linking up the products or the services with the users, means of transport, and other articles.

Armstrong aims to build up communication that is error-free and provides efficient performances to their clients. For supply chain management, Armstrong offers computer-assisted supply chain management software systems that are fully automatic and can easily control the entire process of the work. The operation performed by these computer-assisted systems is autonomous and thus manages the entire process independently.

Different solutions by Armstrong for the purpose are:

  1. WMS/WCS
  2. Machine Learning (ML) and Video Analytics
  3. Augmented Reality (AR) solutions

Advantages of Intelligent Supply Chain Management

With the help of automation, the supply chain management activity becomes much easy to perform. Now, what are the other advantages of intelligent supply chain management software? Below are some of its advantages:

  1. Aligned planning and execution
  2. Sustainable cost saving
  3. Accurate forecast with the link of product production to customer demand
  4. Helps in avoiding costly overstocks
  5. Helps in meeting the demand of the customers and the financial objectives together
  6.  Free up the employees involved in the supply chain
  7.  Highly reliable, accurate, and efficient
  8.  Higher productivity rate
  9. Less time and energy-consuming
  10. Automates mundane tasks

Armstrong doing it all ‘Smart’

While one may think about moving from File systems to Database Management Systems for Supply Chain Management, Armstrong is doing it in a much smarter way with the help of IoT and Industry 4.0 warehouse automation. Not to worry about all the hassle involved with the management work when Armstrong is here with its most reliable and effective services.

The automation services provided by the company have been serving many leading companies for more than 20 + years and are still on the top among the Industrial Automation Companies in Pune, India. Armstrong believes in doing things in an easier way. As the company’s tagline says ‘Lives Made Easy…’ they really try to build it up for all.

The supply chain management work from handling the raw materials to the final goods can be done more efficiently through automation. Rather than putting money in software that is less efficient, one can put their money in the right place. Armstrong with its Industry 4.0 and IoT, made it easy for all.


Supply chain management is not an easy task. It demands a lot of concentration, time, discipline, and many other factors. Now to handle all this with a non-automation technique will lead to a lot of energy and time consumption. With the help of automation techniques, it is much easier to handle the supply chain management work. The Supply Chain Management Software could help in higher productivity and efficiency of the work.

In case one needs the facility of Supply Chain Management, Armstrong is available with its solutions to serve them with the best of the best. To know more about Armstrong and its solutions, kindly visit Also, to know more about the Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions, kindly visit

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