Bangalore School Fees – Why is it News and How is it Good For Parents?

Covid-19 affected the education realm of the entire world pretty badly. Indian schools bore a powerful brunt too. The Karnataka government announced that private schools may charge around 70% of the usual fee amount for the current year. This was done in order to ease the pressure on parents still reeling from the effects of Covid-19. 

Schools had no choice but to comply. This affected both the operational capacity of schools and the salary of the teachers along with other faculty. This led to wide-scale protests from schools and teachers. In fact, there was a 2 km long rally by over 50,000 people in the heart of the city. As hundreds of private and unaided schools across the southern state remained shut for over 10 months since April 2020 due to the Covid 19 crisis, the schools had to be aided in some ways or the other and one was a reduction in the Bangalore school fees

For the parent

As a parent, this is great news and if your child’s educational journey is just about to start then you are in for a lot of savings. Therefore, you ought to know which school to choose. Majorly, there are private schools, private international schools, or public schools. But in 2021, it is reason enough to choose an international school over anything because they practice thought leadership in prevailing methods of education.

They know that the real effect lies in the personality of a student and not just in his mind. International school objectives boost the intellect through all kinds of extracurricular and co-curricular activities. They train the faculty to be more corroborative with the students in order to empower them to put the heartfelt effort into any task. In a regular school, the major issue is the one-way communication and lesson delivery which often leads to a mental cul-de-sac.


Most international schools are quite ahead when it comes to methods of financing their education. They offer both fully-funded or partly funded scholarships. Getting the scholarships is not too tough because you can prepare well for it in advance and you are already a diligent student, it should not be a major problem. Plus keeping in mind the current situation, even a partly-funded scholarship would save you ample money. 

Let us look at a few international schools in Bangalore.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

In my opinion, the best international school in bangalore, GIIS has campuses in 7 different major countries like Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore, the UAE, and Japan and offers the CBSE and the GMP curricula for pre-primary years. GMP is one of their unique curricula and is called the Global Montessori Plus program which is designed for nursery children by concocting the Montessori methods with modern means.

The fee at GIIS is around 2 LPA depending on the class you want to get admitted to. It offers facilities like a skating rink, a football ground, basketball court, badminton court, indoor sports arena, a Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values, an IT Centre, kid’s pool, play area, Art and Craft lab, Montessori Lab, a Maths Lab, and an infirmary. This is the only international school that also follows the CBSE curriculum and offers at least 5-6 scholarships on the basis of merit, means and talent as well.

The International School Bangalore (TISB)

A sprawling campus of 140 acres, this school from the year 2000 has been pretty well known in Bangalore. Its name itself aims to set the standard. The core values at TISB are Respect, Acceptance & Equality, Collaboration, and Honesty. Its primary facilities are Art, Aviation, Ballet, Chess, Coding, Contemporary, Dance, Craft, Debating, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Fencing, First Aid, French, Indian Kathak Dance, Karate, Math Club, Music, Newspaper Club, Photography, Robotics, Shooting, Sports, Tabla, Trinity Speech & Drama along with Yoga. It has a fee of around 7 Lakhs per annum depending on the grade.

Inventure Academy

Another school that takes the idea of international schooling to a new level altogether is Inventure Academy with its multi-varied facilities. With fees of around 4-8 lakhs depending on your grade level, it does justice by being the highest ranked school in Karnataka.

For facilities, they have a Maker Space, Design & Tech Studio which has 3D printing equipment along with other related tools. A highly dedicated Art Studio which fulfills the need for multiple styles and genres. A Music studio and a dance studio; Inventure also boasts of a Soccer Field with Artificial Turf, a swimming pool with attached changing rooms and a smaller toddlers pool, 5 tennis courts, Cricket Nets with practice pitches, a Gym, an Athletics Field, a Basketball Court, a peaceful Yoga Gazebo and Preschool Play area.

Canadian International School

There are a number of things that make CIS stand out from the rest of the international schools. For instance, it is also the only school to offer a 1:1 device to student ratio when it comes to iPads and has an Apple accreditation. Along with the integration of all other facilities like a swimming pool or sports centers they also boast of a huge performing arts center called The Odeum that houses all sorts of instruments.

They also offer state-of-the-art boarding facilities. CIS also officiates the workings of an inter-school activities conference called the Bangalore Activities and Athletics School Conference (BAASC). This also has a core group of 4 other schools. Apart from this, it is also a member of FOBISIA, which is the Federation of British International Schools in Asia which helps expose students to more events. It has a fee of around 7LPA but you need to contact them to know the breakdown and other added expenses.

If high fees offer better facilities then at the same time they offer a number of scholarships too. In this new era of the educational revolution, we must not hold out children back from exposure to as many things as possible. Be it the best international school in Bangalore or not, all international schools have their own unique side.