Best Heart Hospitals In India

The life of a human being is with many problems. One of the significant problems in young and old both alike is the various heart problems.

From heart hole surgeries to heart failures or congenital heart disease, you would want the best treatment for your loved ones.

Choosing the best hospital is not only necessary but challenging too.

Let’s look at the various treatments and services offered by different hospitals for heart problems.

Max Hospital

When choosing the best heart hospital in India, Max Hospital is amongst the first ones that come into mind.

Max Hospital offers several specialities, including Cardiac Sciences.

The best heart hospital in India tag has been rightly given to Max Hospital because of its extraordinary achievements.

You will find India’s best cardiologists in Max Hospital.

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The doctors perform complete diagnosis using various tests and procedures such as blood test, ECG, Cardiac MRI, chest X-Ray, Stress Test, Echocardiogram and perform surgeries and treatments accordingly.

Max Hospital, the best heart hospital in India, offers various alternative treatment options for end-stage heart failure such as pacemakers, heart-hole surgeries, pediatric arteries.

Apollo Hospital

Cardiology labs, Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Critical Care Units are available in Apollo Hospital for the welfare of the patients.

The staff and expert doctors are well experienced in complex cardiac surgeries and the aftermath.

Specialised doctors have performed thousands of successful cardiac surgeries.

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The invaluable experience of the top doctors comes in handy and effective for most of the patients suffering from complex cardiovascular diseases such as congenital heart problems, heart attack, heart failure, angina, arrhythmia.


The cardiologists and surgeons are incredibly talented and well trained and educated in the top medical institutes of India.

The whole staff of doctors and nurses is dedicated to the well being of the patients 24 x 7.

Medanta continuously upgrades in the medications, treatments, procedures in cardiology and other fields as well.

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These complex cardiac problems call for a good experience and expert knowledge that is readily available in Medanta.

They leave no stone unturned to treat a patient.

Fortis Escorts

Fortis Escorts Institute is considered one of the best hospitals for heart problems. Top experts are present to look over patients from all over the world.

The doctors had done a vast number of treatments and surgery in cardiology.

They have performed several complicated procedures in cardiology as well.

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Numerous cardiac patients who visited this medical institute have received excellent treatment such as Cardiac Surgery (CABG).

Jaypee Hospital

With exceptional facilities and professional doctors, Jaypee Hospital has made quite a name for the impeccable work it has done so far.

The well-built infrastructure supports all kinds of complex cardiac procedures necessary for the patients.

It is well known for the treatment of CVD, which includes heart diseases, coronary artery diseases, heart failure, etc.

Several other factors play a significant role in choosing any hospital. One of the significant factors is the distance of the hospital from your location.

You must also check out the patient reviews to ensure whether the hospital is a suitable match for you.

You can also compare the experience of the doctors to make sure you go to the right one who can quickly identify the problem and treat it.