Best iOS App Development Tools You Should Know About in 2021

Technological advancement is moving at a fast pace, especially when it comes to mobile app development. Today, mobile applications have become one of the primary sources of revenue and brand promotion. However, developers need top-class development tools to craft high-quality, robust applications to make a successful mobile app.

However, finding suitable resources can be both a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Although a well-established iOS app development company can help you with this, today, we will suggest the best tools to pace up the app development process in this article. So, let’s begin.

Suitable programming languages for iOS app development 

There are many great options in terms of development language to design an Android application. It is possible that you, too, might be aware of different programming languages used for Android app development. However, the case is different when it comes to iOS app development. To develop an iOS mobile application, you get only two core choices – Objective-C and Swift. Both these languages have their own algorithms and are regarded as the official languages for iOS app development.


Swift is one of the latest tools added in the realm of iOS app development. Although it is a new addition to the iOS programming languages, it has occupied its place pretty quickly. The central focus of the developers using Swift is to design and develop advanced iOS applications that serve modern customer needs. Recently, Apple has announced launching Swift 5.5 stable version that will help developers build more modern and futuristic iOS applications.


Regarded as the first and foremost programming language for Apple devices, Objective-C is still a preferred language for many iOS app developers. The dependable features, accessibility, and programming platform offered by Objective-C make it a reliable option for iOS app developers.

Top-notch tools for app design

iOS applications are well-known for having complex designs and structures that make them distinctive and more noticeable. However, to overcome the complications while forming intricate app designs, you need specific tools. Here are some popular app designing tools:


Hyperion is an acclaimed iOS designing toolkit when it comes to app design and structure. It enables the users to develop their mobile applications based on the choice of three unique models. These are:

  • View investigator module (It helps overview and rectifying the perspectives’ properties)
  • Moderate activity module (It decreases the entire movement speed)
  • Measure module (It helps in segregating two views)


This tool works according to its name. It is a perfect option for developers who want to design applications with absolute control over them.

It helps you to analyze, contrast and execute iOS application designs before implementing their final application. It provides you with an analytical insight to compare the older and newer versions of your app design and make necessary changes accordingly.

Top libraries for app development 

An app development library eases the work of the development teams by offering essential designing tools, plug-ins and themes needed for building a mobile application. Listed below are some of the famous and widely-used iOS app development libraries:


With more than 60,000 libraries, CocoaPods have benefited over three million applications by offering essential app development resources to the developers. It is one of the renowned iOS libraries that can function with both Objective-C and Swift.


SDWebImage is an iOS app development library that comes with the feature of non-simultaneous image downloading. Its downloader offers storage support too. It makes use of various image and animation formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF picture positions and underpins such as WebP.

Popular iOS app development editors and IDE

IDE or Integrated Development Environment provides users with space where all the programming takes place. Below are the two most popular IDEs and editors used in iOS app development:


Presently, XCode is the most widely used iOS app IDE for all Apple devices. It is compatible with almost all the programming languages and comes with various features like easy compiling, application testing, source checker, etc.


AppCode is another popular editor that provides users with a critical testing unit, and its intelligent code checker assists them in finding and rectifying errors in the codes.

Boosting the app development process with the best iOS app development plugins


The XCode injection plugin helps boost the app development process by providing the features of editing the view-controller, refreshing your programming code, reloading the changes, and all this without restarting the application. 

Finestructure CoPilot

Finestructure CoPilot is another popular iOS app development plugin that enables developers to perform cross-sectoral editing over the entire network of the application.

Final Thoughts

Application development becomes easy when you have the suitable tools for specific operations. This article has covered almost all the necessary tools that can help you build a fantastic application for your business. All you need is to consult an iPhone app development company (if you are looking to develop a business app for mobile users) and describe to them the concept of your application. And that’s it! An expert development team with your idea in mind and appropriate tools will design the app to meet your expectations and requirements.