Many young girls and boys staying in London plan to go for a treatment where they can get back the original color of their teeth. Well, this particular service or treatment is possible these days. Search on the internet as ‘Teeth whitening Wimbledon’ you will get many options but keep in mind this treatment gives a semi-permanent effect. Though it makes sure that the person has bright teeth for a long time but it is not going to last for long. 

Teeth staining is a common and a natural process. This is the reason we regularly brush and floss our teeth so that we can avoid it up to a certain extent. Still, we cannot stop preventing this from happening. Some of the reasons this teeth stain happens because of too much addiction to red wine, nicotine, tea, and coffee. Taking care of our oral health is our duty so that we stay fit. 

Stain on teeth for a long time gives rise to bacteria and from there one can have bad breath. This is something no one wants as it is embarrassing in front of others. This procedure will surely stop bad breath for some time because before starting with the treatment the dentist will clean your mouth area with the help of various lotions. If there is any residue, he will remove it definitely but after the treatment, it is your duty to maintain it. 

Dentists generally use bleach to do this cosmetic treatment. The bleaching agents have carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide hence the treatment lasts from 6 months to 3 years. In most cases, it lasts for a year if the patient does not listen to the recommendation of the dentist. This treatment does not have any side effects and your teeth will be in a better condition than before. The lifespan of bleach also depends on the user’s lifestyle and not on the bleaching agents. This is the reason why the results differ from person to person. 

Maybe you are ready to visit the SW19 Confidental but before that read this article so that you get a better idea. These are the few points which you need to follow. 

  • Avoid dark coloured drinks and food once you start with this treatment. This is because the enamel is more susceptible to new stains. 
  • Citrus juices are acidic in nature so avoiding them is the best solution
  • Replace your brush once every two months
  • Concentrate more on the back teeth and places where the teeth meet the gums. These are the places where food stays back as sediments. 

Treatments like Teeth whitening are common these days but one should go to the best dental clinic. Try to visit the SW19 Confidental, they are the best and they have been serving the society for a long time. They have a team of efficient people who will guide you properly about how to take care of your teeth after the procedure is over.