Buy Shipping Boxes and Move Stress Free

The expansion of a business stands on three things, product, packaging, and secure shipping and transportation.

Introducing a product in the market, giving its best packaging will enhance its perceptibility and your brand awareness.

Transporting your product to the customer’s doorstep or as wholesale to distributors without any damage will heighten your brand accountability.

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To avoid any damage during transportation, shipping boxes are available in the market to solve your problem.

They are available in numerous sizes and shapes depending on your product size and requirements. These boxes are of different materials such as:

  • cardboard
  • corrugated boxes
  • rigid
  • bux board

Cardboard box is also known as shipping boxes as it is commonly for shipping products from one place to another.

They come in a flat sheet accessible to stack up in the store for later use and easy to assemble at home.

It is of thick paperboard and has a robust base to hold your product firmly and securely. The closing lid helps the product to stay in its place while transporting.

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You can easily customize them with your company logo and other important information about your product or company. 


Corrugated is a bit thick material than cardboard box material. It is four times thicker than cardboard material, and the material used in it is eco-friendly.

Choosing eco-friendly material products is beneficial as it represents your company’s values.

The rigid material is much thicker and robust. It is usually for expensive or fragile items to protect them during transportation from any damages.

An excellent example of wooden material boxes is Rolex Watches boxes and tiffany&co. 

Bux Board material is also thick and comes at a very affordable price. You can easily customize them with your company name and other essential information about your product and brand.

Types of Shipping Boxes in sizes and wholesale

Standard size Shipping Boxes, especially for shipping, are much more robust and firm than the materials we have discussed before.

These boxes are covered with an effective chemical which makes them extra hard and strong for shipping purposes.


These boxes do not flatten being stacked on top of each other in transportation as they are specifically designed to bear pressure for long journeys like the sea and other vehicles.

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If you are dealing with transport for long routes, these boxes are beneficial for your product and business. There is a vast range of shipping box sizes starting from small to large.

Large Boxes

Large Boxes also called tea chest boxes. These boxes are available sixty-one cm in height and fifty-one cm in depth.

These boxes are mainly for delicate items or products such as clothes, shoes, bed covers, toys, etc.

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Since they are large and can adjust many things in one box, this box is recommended to transport a large number of wholesale items saving time and shipping charges.


Home Depot Shipping Boxes

These boxes also come in different sizes, from small to large size. These boxes are useful in transporting heavy items like CDs, files, frames in bulk or wholesale.

They are available at any home depot store from where you can easily purchase them precisely the size you want for your requirement.

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These boxes have an extra advantage with them. If you have bought an additional package, you can quickly return it with the receipt to any home depot store.

Bulk Cargo Shipping Boxes

These boxes are specifically designed for shipping large shipments. They have sizes matching the pallet sizes to fulfill your requirements.


Importance of Measurements

Various companies offer shipping boxes in different measurements, such as ups shipping box sizes, which vary from small to large, starting from 13 inches to 18 inches in large size.

The box’s measure is the most crucial part of buying shipping boxes as buyers usually get mixed with width and length measurements.

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However, professionals are available in the market to assist you with the proper measures.

The correct size of the box helps you save money, and buying the appropriate size for your product is beneficial for your product and your business.


Your parcel will be either small for your products or extensive for your products in case of wrong measurements.

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Both cases are not suitable for your product. The immense size of the box will be useless due to fewer items, and the small box will not be able to adjust all your things.

Benefits of Custom Shipping Boxes.

They provide hassle-free transportation with safety.

Usually, they are brown, but with customization, your company name or logo is visible on the box, making your company name visible and prominent where the box moves

Your shipping box becomes a useful marketing tool for your company by displaying your company details and logo with a noticeable appearance.


If your product deals with international shipping, your box will represent your product as your company medium. 

Customization offers you numerous possibilities to highlight your brand with your package’s help during shipping and transportation.