Can’t Fall Asleep? Try These Poses of Yoga For Sleep

Do you want to ease into the night without any struggle? If yes, you should give the following poses of yoga for sleep a try. Practicing yoga poses relieves your mental and physical stress. Moreover, it also soothes your senses. Hence, you feel relaxed and easily fall asleep.

Let’s have a look at some of the easiest but most effective poses of yoga for sleep. Keep reading.

Most Effective Poses of Yoga For Sleep

Locust Pose

This is one of the best poses of yoga for sleep to release pressure from your back. Simply get in a plank pose and slowly let your stomach touch the ground. Bring your hands behind your back and clasp them. Then, with a slow inhale, raise your chest and head high.

Engage your hips, core, and upper back muscles to release the physical tension. To go to the neutral position, slowly exhale and let go of your hands.

Child’s Pose

Want to soothe your senses? If yes, make sure you include Child’s pose into your routine. Practicing a Child’s pose calms your Central Nervous System. To begin with, sit on your knees and let your hips rest on your calves.

Slowly bend forward while keeping your hands by your side. Moreover, you can either place your head on the ground in front of you or rest it on a yoga block. Just breathe easy and slow to have better results.

Standing Forward Bend

Stretching your body helps in loosening up your body. That is where the Standing Forward Bend helps you the most. Stand with your feet with a shoulder or slightly more width apart. Then, bend forward while keeping your spine straight.

Make sure you hinge your hips back so that the pressure shifts from your lower back to your hamstrings. Thus, it is a perfect pose to relieve stiffness from your legs and lower back.

Head to The Knee Pose

It is a great pose to increase the flexibility of your single leg without putting more stress on your lower back. To practice this pose, sit in a crossed leg position. Slowly move your left leg in front of you. Keep your spine straight and reach out your arm to get hold of your feet.

Make sure you do not push hard to touch your head to your knee. In case you are not flexible enough, you can also use a yoga block to rest your leg. Thus, the Head to the Knee pose relieves muscle tension and stress from your legs. Keep in mind to practice this pose on both legs.

Cobra Pose

An inflexible spine can hamper your sleep. Not just that, if your spine is immobile or inflexible, you will wake up in the middle of the night. So, to ensure that does not happen, Cobra pose is there for you. To start with, lie on your stomach with your hands by your side.

Slowly move your hands under your shoulders and press hard to raise your upper half in the air. For a further stretch, push your shoulder blades away from each other. Thus, it works on your upper back and shoulder joints. Hence, you get a flexible spine that helps you fall asleep instantly.

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Reclining Bound Angle Pose

For this pose, you might need yoga bolsters (stuffed pillows for support). Place the base of your spine on the edge of the bolster for soft support. Slowly bend your knees and touch your feet. Lie on your back to let your spine rest on the bolster.

Open your knees as much as possible without getting uncomfortable. You can either place your hand on your stomach or by your side.

Corpse Pose

Do you know how important it is to become mindful of your thoughts and body? For that, you can practice the Corpse pose. It helps you become conscious of any type of physical sensations in your body. More than that, it relaxes your mental mechanisms so that you can sleep better.

Cobra pose is one of the best poses of Yoga Nidra for sleep. Thus, never forget to practice this pose.

Wrap Up

The above-given poses of yoga for sleep are very easy to practice. However, they are very effective in relieving your mental and physical tension. In turn, your mind and body are relaxed so that you can sleep better without waking up now and then.

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