Career Advice: The Strategic Way to Be Yourself in a Job Search

With the job searching phase comes the ordeal of figuring yourself out. What does it actually mean to be “you” and show that to others? Which further makes you feel clueless and out of your depth. Especially for students fresh out of university or college it is a complex riddle to unravel. This can create hurdles in progress and career development.

The area which causes the most stress is discovering how to maintain a balance between being professional and being yourself. And understanding how that is possible when conversing with would-be employers. You cannot possibly start an interview or write a cover letter talking about your emotions. But keeping a robotic tone is not something that will make you a worthy candidate either.

Implementing strategic authenticity

So, what are the remaining options? We will take a leaf here from the studies of leadership and marketing and apply “strategic authenticity”. Do not get confused as it is simpler than it sounds once you fully comprehend it. Being strategically authentic refers to what you can perceive as a middle road. Being yourself in a way that is suited to the situation at hand and meets your objectives. It is mastering the art of being a version of yourself for what is right here and now.

According to experts, engaging this strategy during employment searches can help you find control. It defuses the crises of identity and confidence which the process often triggers. Applying it shifts the focus from intractable questions to ones that are immediately actionable. Instead of “who am I?” it would be “What do I need right now and how should I be conveying that?”. That would also help you understand how you need to show a different side of yourself in different situations.

You must learn to decipher with whom and where you are at the moment and share yourself accordingly. The strategy is challenging yet helps deal with potential issues. You be able to act real with confidence. But also discover how personal can you get within a professional context.

Remember the difference between authentic and unprofessional

If you think being authentic means arriving late with a rumpled outfit to your job interview… think again. There is a sharp line between being real and non-professional. When we hire writers at university assignment help, we pick the ones who stand out. Because of the way they handle situations and bring their unique creativity to the team. By doing this we ensure that our clients receive the best academic assistance.

Similarly, other organizations also look for employees who display a spark yet also respect corporate regulations and boundaries. There should be a feeling of the organization and employees being a mutual for each other. Faking through a job interview might land you a position. But one which you would be terribly unsuited for. Because if it meets your passions, skills, and interests you will not require being someone else.

Being honest is the key to it. Let kernels of your personality show at the right time. Just a humorous remark can give a touch of genuineness to your cover letter or interview. It allows both you and the employers assess each other and decide if it will be a promising match. Even a small action like this provides you the opportunity to understand the place you intend to work at. Whether you are on the same page and have the same goals and values.

It is also much easier to be true and honest. If you are not eventually the reality of the matter will come out. Do not try to show false interest or capabilities in any area. Unless you are truly adept at a skill it will be damaging to take credit for it. You will be surprised how often your authenticity will be welcomed by organizations. For corporations, someone with innovative thinking and unique ideas is a breath of fresh air. The ones which do not encourage them are usually stagnant or at a decline.

Being yourself in the interview

The interview date is looming ahead, yet you are confused about how to conduct yourself through it. Our first advice would be refraining from over preparation. To maintain a smoothly flowing conversation, it is important to be flexible. Thinking too much about your responses beforehand can cause you to recite information monotonously. Without any inflections of your personality threaded through them.

Another notable point is to answer questions through personal anecdotes whenever situation allows. They will reveal little aspects of yourself in a subtle manner. The hiring manager will receive practical examples this way of your work ethic and abilities. Without you leaving an impression of arrogance or narcissism.

Lastly, do not underestimate the power of small talk. A friendly chat with receptionist or interviewer before the interview starts can go a long way. Exchanging pleasantries forms a positive image of you as an easy-going and polite individual. These are good abilities for an employee to have as they make it easier to fit in a new environment. Along with working beside other team members, under a mentor, or adapting to changes.

Job search can be nerve-wracking for both fresh and experienced applicants. Every time you dive into a new industry that has its own demands and eligibility factors. But by following our tips you can compete successfully among other candidates under any situation. Keep in mind that being dishonest or holding back will not do you any favors. Despite the anxiety, stop and take a deep breath, which will allow you to think clearly.  

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