Challenges and Opportunities to Scaling up your Gas Delivery App

In today’s time technology has advanced so much. That in just a few clicks you get the best facilities and services at the doorstep. It is not just convenient for the customers but also for those. Who are planning to start a business on their own.

If you are one of those who is planning to build an on-demand delivery app, then certainly, you must make up your mind because along with perks comes the drawbacks too. With quite a fall of the people across the world not having better access to cooking. The overall picture might be giving a clear idea of what a gas delivery app would do.

It is not just the number of people without access that has gone up but also the increasing outpaces speed to offer the efforts to make the delivery like charcoal has increased. Which of course are the polluting cooking fuels.

Indoor air pollution is one of the most common parties that remains as the biggest challenge. Which has been a common invitation for respiratory issues and premature death.

The cooking gas delivery may seem to be an interesting business solution but there are some opportunities. That you don’t want to miss out with it while challenges that you may face when you are planning to expand the app in this field.

Universal solution for clean cooking

If you are wondering how to start a mobile gas delivery business without much hassle then you first need to understand what purpose can it serve exactly.

You need to keep in mind that to get clean cooking the gas delivery app may not just be the single solution. There are many other technologically sound options available too. The concept is now new and its implementation has been done in countries like Kenya.

With LPG being an established channel across the regions and SSA parts, there are some barriers included. Talking of which the upfront price is one of them. Other than this, the fuelling whether between 4kg to 15kg for domestic use to be paid at the front and the accessory to be used along with cookstove can other things to not ignore. Safety, product quality, and distribution are also some hidden things.

Making the best of opportunities to scale up the Gas delivery App

If you make up your mind that you want to create yourself as the service provider for the cooking gas delivery system instead of being the fuel distributor, then you must ensure that you get its retaining ownership. This would save a lot of prices on refueling or replacing the cylinder for the customer.

Another best thing to do is offer the accessories and stive financing to the customers. They can pay off the critical installment’s components in 12months or so. Since the household is already adopted and technology never had the gas stive earlier, if you rely on open-air charcoal, it can make it easy for you to offer it at an affordable value.

You can even consider coming up with the refills and delivery. This can be quite a burden if it is for traditional LPG customers. They genuinely know the struggle of bring the first tank and visiting the place again to refill each time when they run out of gas.

To be precise, if you want to make the best use of opportunities as you Build an On-Demand Gas Delivery, it is better to focus on providing delivery, refilling, and offering better accessories finances that can grab the attention of more customers.

Challenges to deal with

One of the common challenges that most of the owners have complained about is to track multiple cooking gas delivery app. Well, some operational challenges cannot be ignored and this is one of them.

To offer persistent fuel stacking can be quite a challenge especially if you have quite a limited amount of gas which is eventually consumed only on monthly basis.

Servicing at hard-to-reach areas

Another challenge to not ignore for multiple stops cooking gas delivery app is the servicing of existing and new consumers. There are many cities where the density of households is quite high. It usually can be managed at a small price.

But if it is the urban household then it is not just the long distances but also the barrier that can hamper the overall maintenance cost. You will eventually have to increase the transport and technology to solve this problem.


The idea of start-up may seem to be quite convenient but it is complex already. Give yourself some time. Focus and research on some of the better choices that are available. There are tech companies that might be running in regular trouble. It is better to understand what was the reason for the fallout and take preventive measures accordingly.