Chanel Colognes for Men

Trying to find the right sent as a man can be tricky, it’s even tricky for those looking to buy for the men in our lives.  As such, most of us will cling to a familiar brand that we associate with quality.  Chanel is one of the biggest perfume and cologne brands out there and we have narrowed this list down to seven Chanel colognes for men you might want to try.

Allure Homme Sport EDT

Allure Homme Sport Chanel for men
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With fresh notes of orange and blood mandarin and more soft notes of vanilla, white musk and amber this sport fragrance is sure to grab your senses.  There are many Allure Homme versions that are available, but this one gives that almost seamless blend of both fresh and sensual.  It does have one drawback, as an Eau de Toilette it has a lower performance and may need to be reapplied throughout the day.

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Paris-Édimbourg EDT

Paris – Édimbourg Chanel for women and men
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This is a great all-rounder with some fantastic woodsy scents.  Inspired by the Scottish Highlands, this Eau de Toilette has a vanilla base with strong notes of cypress and juniper, giving it a slight gin-like scent.  It would make a great gift if you’re unsure about what cologne to buy for someone as it’s a unique fragrance that should appeal to many.

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Platinum Égoïste EDP

Egoiste Platinum Chanel for men
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French for egoist, this masculine scent can make a man feel like he is indeed the best around.  It has a floral based fragrance of lavender, sage and geranium backed up with more masculine scents of sandalwood, cedar and amber.

“There is enough spice to counterbalance the softer scents and it is versatile enough to be used for almost any occasion,” recommends Harold Cage, a project manager at UK Writings and Elite assignment help.

The original Égoïste was launched in 1990 so you can be guaranteed that years of work has gone in to perfecting this scent.

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Bleu de Chanel EDT

Bleu de Chanel Chanel for men
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This very popular Eau de Toilette is a classic cologne with fresh notes of grapefruit and mint combined with warmer notes of sandalwood and ginger.  They even have a range of spin off products like shower gel to help you get the full experience.

Tech writer David Simpson, UK Top writers and UK Services Reviews, says “The scent is classy enough for a more formal setting but also perfect for every day or evening wear.  If you find the scent isn’t lasting long enough, consider looking into the Eau de Parfum.”

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Coromandel EDP

Coromandel Eau de Parfum Chanel for women and men
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This Eau de Parfum is a fantastic unisex option with scents of amber, white chocolate and patchouli that ensnare the senses.  It has a denser feel in its Parfum form and it also provides a les Exclusifs option as well if you cannot get the EDP.  This is something a bit different that may be worth looking into.

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Antaeus EDT

Antaeus Chanel for men
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Launched in 1981, this Eau de Toilette is named after the Greek hero who was only strong as long as his feet remained on the ground.   A brilliant message to all that we need to remain grounded while also providing a gorgeous masculine scent of leather, citrus, clary sage and myrrh.

This scent may not be for everyone as it’s more classic than more modern fragrances and can be very intense.  For those who miss the classics of 80s colognes this is a must try.

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Allure Homme Blanche EDP

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Parfum Chanel for men
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Yes, it’s a bit cheeky given we’ve already mentioned the sport, but it doesn’t feel right to create this list without this spring/summer scent that is one of the best colognes for men that Chanel has released.  It has citrusy notes, like the sport, more towards lemon than orange and that unmistakable vanilla of Allure Homme.  Sandalwood balances this scent out, providing a fragrance that is deceptively simple.  Like the sport, it’s performance isn’t great.  This is surprising given it’s an Eau de Parfum, so you might want to reapply this throughout the day as well.

Overall there are many options for you to pick from when searching for a Chanel cologne for men, but these seven just might be some of our favourites providing enough range to suit the tastes of either yourself or the men in your life easily.


Q: Which Chanel cologne is better?

Egoiste. I find this scent highly distinctive and memorable. Highly distinctive, spicy and ambery, this scent is perfect for the man.

Q: Does Bleu de Chanel last long?

The EDP version of Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel lasts longer than the EDT, and the EDP’s longevity power is 6 to 8 hours or more.

Q: How long does Allure Homme Sport EDT Last?

I find the projection moderate for the first hour on my skin, weak after two or three hours, and longevity about five or six hours.

Q: What are the notes in Chanel Coromandel?

The top notes of this perfume are bitter orange, neroli, and citruses; middle notes are patchouli, orris, rose, and jasmine; and base notes are benzoin, white chocolate, woodsy notes, incense, tahitian vanilla, olibanum, and musk.