Checklist before Renting a Flat in Delhi

Looking to rent properties in Om Vihar? Renting is indeed a great choice because of several factors. Along with budget-friendliness, it is also less hectic than maintaining a flat or a house. But before renting a flat in Delhi or any other part of India, there are some points that you should look into. 

Here is a complete checklist before renting a flat in Delhi. Read the entire blog to prevent falling prey to any scams or harassments before you go out looking for flats on rent.

  • Set a Rent Budget

Before renting any of the properties in Nawada or any other part of Delhi, fix a budget for yourself. On average, a salaried individual spends more than 50% on necessities such as bill payments, groceries and other items.

As a general rule, set a budget for your house rent that is not more than 20-25%. Fixing a budget beforehand will not only help you save time but also help to make a better decision. 

You can take a look at the properties in Om Vihar. These lavish properties are rented out at exceptionally economical costs. 

  • Check the Nearness to your Office

If you are renting a property, this probably means one of two things. Either you are on a very strict budget or you work somewhere far from your hometown. In case it’s the first option, we’ll get to that later.

In the case of the second option, before renting a flat make sure that it’s located close to your office or place of work. In case you are renting for studies, check if it’ near your institution.

  • Meet the Landlord Personally

Another important point in this checklist before renting a flat in Delhi is to meet the owner personally. Although the landlord might seem fine on call or if from the words of a middleman, we highly suggest you meet him personally. Our researches indicate that most people seek to rent properties in Nawada due to the beautiful surroundings.

  • Know about the Locality

While curating this checklist before renting a flat in Delhi we have included all the important points. Among these, knowing about the locality before renting should be your top priority.

A good neighbourhood not only ensures safety but also has a positive effect on the mind. Thus, before renting, take some time to research well about the locality. Talk to the locals and enquire about the area and the landlord too.

Ask your workmates or someone you know about the crime rates there. Also, make sure that the area has ample lighting at night and decent connectivity. Based on these factors, all the properties in Om Vihar are 100% safe and secure. 

  • Prepare and Sign Legal Documents

Preparing and signing a legal agreement is most important for both the tenant and the landlord. Prepare a rent agreement that includes the following:

  • Names, addresses and details of the landlord and tenant.
  • Duration of rent.
  • Amount of rent.
  • Purpose of rent.

Get the agreement notarized and make separate copies – one for the owner and one for the tenant.

  • Take Expert Help

Last but not least in this checklist before renting a flat in Delhi is to seek help from professionals. Kamal Associates one of the reputed property consultancy services in Delhi has been serving its clients to find the best deals on new flats and rents.

If you are on a tight budget, we bet they can help you. Headed by Pulkit Vij, the expert services of the firm will get you your dream flat on rent seamlessly. So what are you waiting for?

Here are the contact details of Kamal Associates.

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