Cleaning the ventilation in the apartment

According to the residual principle, cleaning ventilation in an apartment is often carried out: there is free time and money – so be it, there is no time or extra money – we will manage. This is a dangerous position because ventilation is a vital communication system that is responsible for indoor air quality. And the health of residents not only of the apartment but also of the whole house depends on whether ventilation is carried out with high-quality care. 

Why do you need ventilation cleaning? 

As a rule, there is a general ventilation system in apartment buildings that constantly renews the air in the apartments. Thus, an optimal microclimate is maintained. Why is it important? 

Clean environment: In life and housekeeping, toxic products are emitted by a person. These are various pathogenic microorganisms, dust particles, pet hair, microparticles of keratinized skin, fungal spores. Ventilation allows you to remove harmful particles on time. 

Unpleasant Odors: An apartment in which things are bad with ventilation cannot be confused with anything: the smells of tobacco, sewage, cooked food, food from the refrigerator, garbage from a bucket, deodorant – all this merges into a single substance, from which you want to escape to hell. 

Humidity: The optimal level of moisture favorably affects the state of human health. High humidity creates a favorable environment for mold to grow, damaging furniture and household appliances. Low humidity leads to drying the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, which is the first line of defense against viral and infectious diseases. 

Types of ventilation pollution and their danger 

The following types of pollution of ventilation ducts are distinguished: 

Deposition of dirt: City dust, exhaust gasses, reagents, plant elements, insect particles, industrial and domestic emissions accumulate over time at joints and bends, forming mud deposits. They interfere with the regular operation of ventilation and are a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms, a sort of “repository” of viruses; 

Construction pollution: They arise due to violations of installation rules or during construction work. It can be fragments of tools, cladding, and wall material. As a result, the garbage is overgrown with dust, which reduces the air permeability, and the decomposition of individual elements can release toxic substances. In the most difficult cases, complete blockage of the ventilation duct is possible; 

Fat deposits: Most often, this problem is encountered in the kitchen or the ventilation systems of catering establishments. Microscopic droplets of oil and fat and the steam rise into the air and are drawn into the ventilation system. As a result, this fat becomes a real paradise for bacteria, which, fueled by fatty deposits, begin to multiply and release specific toxins actively. And that’s not all – grease envelops the walls of the ventilation duct and in the event of a fire, the flames can spread throughout the building. That is why regular cleaning of the ventilation duct from fatty deposits is required in any place of public catering. The kitchen in the apartment needs to be cleaned much less often, but still necessary; 

Bacterial layer: Most often, it is a consequence of fatty or mud pollution. The waste products of bacteria enter the air and end up on clothes, furniture, hygiene items, or even in a person’s lungs.  

Causes of clogging 

Even the most modern ventilation system installed according to all standards and rules will sooner or later start to work worse due to clogging. There are three main causes of blockages: 

Natural processes: Even sufficient air circulation does not give a 100% guarantee that a favorable environment for the life of bacteria, insects, and rodents will not form on the walls of the air ducts. As a result, the ventilation becomes clogged, the air quality deteriorates, and professional cleaning of the exhaust ventilation is required; 

Modern door and window systems: A high degree of tightness of windows and doors is, on the one hand, good because it allows you to avoid heat loss, but on the other hand, it deprives the room of an additional source of air. As a result, the load on the house’s ventilation system increases: dust, dirt, grease, and other particles accumulate faster on its walls. The way out of the situation is the use of window fittings with a micro-ventilation function; 

Violation of the operating technique: Improper installation of additional equipment, the use of high-power ventilation systems, violation of the recommended operating modes – all this leads to clogging. 

How can you tell if there is a ventilation problem? 

There are several signs that there is a problem with the ventilation in the house and it’s time to look for where to turn this issue. It is not at all necessary to disassemble the system and look inside the mine, scaring the local flora and fauna, and at the same time spreading dust throughout the room. It is enough just to pay attention to the following facts: 

  • High humidity is constantly observed in the room; 
  • In the warm season, the rooms warm up quickly; 
  • Mold in the corners of rooms and bathrooms; 
  • Gas deposits, grease, and dust accumulate on the ventilation grilles; 
  • Open windows do not create a draft. 

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