Common Color Grading Mistakes You Might Be Making

Color Grading Mistakes – Colors make a huge difference in life, mood, impression, and setting the tone. They are the making force in the world of film and video production. Every person has a camera in their phone, using which they can capture videos. However, you must have noticed that the result of your video is not the same as the professional videographer who is using the same phone camera.

The answer lies in the fact that the professional video maker might be using color grading to boost the visual appeal. The problem is not limited to not implementing color grading but expands to mistakes in the process, which can robe all the natural appeal instead of improving or adding to it. So, make sure to aware yourself of color grading mistakes and stop practicing them.

Keep scrolling down this article to get your hands on common color grading mistakes you might be making, and make sure to avoid them to see impressive results.

Top 7 Color Grading Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Cost

If you are a beginner in the field of video or filmmaking, you have a long way to learn, implement and succeed. You might think of yourself as already learned, but there is no shame in accepting your mistakes and correcting them. Color grading mistakes are quite common in the practice of beginners, so make sure to go throw them and identify if you are doing the same.

Here are some of the major color grading mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1. Capturing Poor Footage

You might not consider it a color grading mistake but capturing poor footage is the root cause of all color grading mistakes. You might have captured the footage without much effort, thinking that you will create wonders by implementing color grading; however, that is only your assumption, and the end result would be nothing but worthy of a trash bin. So, capture perfect footage and enhance their appeal through color grading.

2. Using Unnatural Colors

The most critical color grading mistake that you need to avoid at all costs is using unnatural colors. If you are depicting a strange world, then using unnatural colors can be acceptable to some extent. However, if everything is quite usual and you are still using unnatural colors, then it might work against you. Some filmmakers and videographers prefer to hire production companies in Abu Dhabi to make sure color grading does not look unnatural or wile.

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3. Going Overboard

A common mistake in color grading you might not acknowledge is going overboard. Color grading is meant to increase visual appeal and support the creative narrative; however, you should never go overboard that everything starts appearing as fake or imaginary.

4.  Poorly Matched Shots

Another significant color grading mistake that you need to avoid at all costs is poorly matched shots. If you are implementing color grading on a scene, make sure to do that at the same rate and ratio as the continuity scenes. If the viewers are able to spot the poorly matched shots, it will negatively impact the quality of their experience and can make them lose interest in the video or film altogether.

5. Forgetting Color Correction

Another critical mistake that you might be unconsciously making in your videos or films is forgetting about color correction. At first, you need to know that color grading and color correction are two different things. Color correction focuses on adjusting brightness, darkness and creating balance with white colors. So, in the struggle of improving visual appeal, do not ignore working on color correction.

6. Bad Keys and Tracking

One of the most crucial color grading mistakes, which is too common as well, is bad keys and tracking. At times, when there is excessive movement in then close-up shots, a certain layer or shadow appears on the blank surface around the character. It keeps moving along with their movement and creates an irritating impact. So, make sure to fix it and provide a more involved experience to the viewers.

7. Surrendering to Norms

The last color grading mistake that you need to abandon now is surrendering to the norms. Following norms in general life is a good approach. However, doing the same in the world of art means rusting your skills. So, do not fear to experiment and going against norms to create masterpieces. However, if you lack the technical skill and need support, you can hire production companies in Abu Dhabi and let the experts narrate your vision by adding their skills to it.

Work on your skill or consult experts!

 If you are passionate about learning, you will be able to fix the mistakes. However, if you lack time and have interests in other areas, then it is better to hand over the responsibility to experts. Feel free to contact the professionals and get your films and videos that surpass your audience’s expectations.