Common Rats Found in India that Are a Danger to Your Property

Rat control is the need of almost every homeowner in India. From contaminating foods, chewing wires, spreading diseases & viruses, damaging furniture to personal belongings, common rats are a pain to us. Nobody wants to see them in and around their houses. Unfortunately, people witness a group of mice running here and there in the house.

Rats and mice are very intelligent. They excel at learning and understanding the concepts. Also, they have a sharp memory. They can be both harmful to your health as well as a danger to your property. Rats can gnaw almost everything from soft clothes to cardboard and hardwood surfaces. They have sharp teeth that constantly grow and this is the reason why they eat almost everything.

To trim the growth of their teeth, they keep chewing things. Trimming the incisors is both self-preservation and the means of survival. But, this thing eventually becomes a big problem for many homeowners. They contaminate foods and also extensively damages the property. That’s why it’s really important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Most homeowners choose to kill the rats or relocate them far from their homes by best pest control services in Begumpet so that they could not come back because rodents are intelligent creatures that can easily memorize the routes. But, choosing the right rat control method or to trap them requires general information about the types of rats that can invade your house. So, in this article, we will tell you about some common rats that are found in India that can be a danger to your house.

Different Types of Mouse Commonly Found in India

House Mouse

House mouse is the most common rodents found in India. These mice have small heads and large ears and are commonly found in dusty gray colors. Their lifespan is approx. 1-2 years only. These are the nasty creatures that disturb your night sleep and the reason behind the mess that you clean every day coming back home after spending a tiring day in the office.

From a small piece of cloth to your computer wires, everything is chewed by these creepy creatures. They cause extensive structural damages, furniture, sofa, beds, etc. Chewing everything they leave behind a total mess, which you will have to clean every day. They are masters in running and hiding. You cannot catch them if you are not using any traps.

Deer Mouse

They are the enemies of the farmers because they feast on grains, seeds, and fruits. These mice are also common in India. They are larger than house mice in size but are small creatures in reddish-brown to dark brown color with a tail measuring 2.5 inches long. Their lifespan is 2 years.

Well, deer mice are not general found in residential areas and homes, until there are larger parks and gardens. So, you can say that your backyard or garden is not safe from such types of rodents. And as they are prolific breeders they pose some serious health risks.

Norway Rats

They are larger than both deer mice and house mice. Also, they like to live in dark places, that’s why they live in your basement. They vary from gray to brown colors and are difficult to be identified with their color alone. They are 7-10 inches long as well as their tail measuring 7-8 inches long but smaller than their body. Their body is heavy and thick, with a blunt nose. They feed on seeds, grains, cockroaches, and shrimps.


Moles are not actually rodents but are insectivores. They live their entire life underground to feed on earthworms, grubs, etc. They are really different from all the above three types of rats mentioned. With their webbed feet, they can easily swim in the soil.

If you are seeing any of the above-mentioned types of a rat then you shouldn’t wait too long to let them damage your property. These rodents can be very harmful to your health and property as well because some of them cause extensive structural damages also. So, be careful. Use required baits and traps to catch mouse and keep your dwelling rat-free.

Over to You

If you are thinking about how you can keep the rodents away from your house, then the best way is to get professional rodent control treatment. Well, you can use some natural treatment of home remedies for rat control, but not all the natural remedies are effective in controlling rat infestation. Hence, taking professional exterminators’ assistance becomes important. There are many pest control companies that help you get rid of rats and mice using the right pesticides and chemicals that are highly effective in killing rats and make your house completely free from rodents.

Just pick the right rat control service provider and get your home free from rats and also other types of pests and keep yourself free from any types of diseases caused by rodents and mice.

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