Consideration before hosting QuickBooks on Cloud

Many companies are looking to maneuver their IT ecosystem to the cloud to support this new work mode. Remote working will be growing rapidly. Finding a way to bring their QuickBooks setup to the cloud is a need of business. QuickBooks is well-regarded for its simplicity. Its comprehensive features, starting from records to billing, time tracking, and invoicing, allow you to handle your accounting and finances in a single suite.

There are many ways to access QuickBooks in the cloud. QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting Solutions providers for your QuickBooks is a great option for accessing the basic functionalities of QuickBooks in a remote environment and setting up everything for your business. Regardless, it lacks the full power of desktop QuickBooks. It also requires learning to get users up to pace.

The company needs to track expenses so that they can be billed later. Every transaction, no matter how small, helps ensure that the ledger matches the reservation. With QuickBooks, you can record and track all expense transactions such as purchases, kilometers, and international travel. You can also record spending on a customer or order basis, thus integrating many benefits. Therefore, businesses can avoid costs and charge consumers by making appropriate price adjustments.

Few Benefits of QuickBooks:


Data is securely stored in the advanced security cloud, which is the best feature of hosted QuickBooks.


Teammates can work on the same project from different locations at the same time with the help of QuickBooks Hosting.

Business Growth

Hosting accounting data in the cloud means instant and reliable access to that data. This means you can focus on your work while keeping accurate and up-to-date accounting information.


QuickBooks can help you save time by managing all your important company data.


Hosted in the cloud, QuickBooks is easily accessible anytime, anywhere with the help of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop.

Considerations as you evaluate QuickBooks hosting providers

Intuit Authorization

Intuit only approves hosting providers that meet the minimum standards of business process and integrity. Look for the Intuit Authorized Commercial Host logo on the host’s website.

Bank-Grade Security

Make sure your provider offers bank-grade security and infrastructure. Look for certifications such as SOC 2 certification and investigate vendor ransomware and malware tools.

Backups and Uptime

Automatic backup and availability are the main benefits of working with an enterprise-class hosting provider. Top providers maintain over 99% uptime and back up their data frequently throughout the day.

Purpose-Built for Accountants

Some hosting providers are initially focused on technology (which is very important!) But skip the basic features you need. Apps4rent would help in guiding their client from the basics of the QuickBooks hosting to the advancement.

If you want to take advantage of all the features of desktop QuickBooks anytime, anywhere, hosting QuickBooks in the cloud is the best option. Cloud hosting providers such as Apps4Rent who are also experts in Office 365 to Office 365 Migration will help you to set up and manage remote environments so they can focus on growing their business.