How to Create Content That Attracts Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important aspect of any SEO strategy and to succeed online and outperform, your business needs to have quality backlinks. As there are already tons of resources available online on how to create links, but you need to know what actually attracts natural backlinks.

Going out and outreaching people for a backlink is not the right way to play this advanced game of SEO services. To make a backlink magnet, you need to have high-quality content that will automatically attract more backlinks and all will be completely organic. 

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In this article, we will have a look at some of the best ways to create content that attracts backlinks and helps you build a strong SEO profile. If you are new to SEO, then this post will walk you through the best ways to attract backlinks.

Create detailed guides

No matter in which industry you are working, there are several questions, problems, concepts, or products that people don’t understand. The best way to generate content out of it to find what people are searching.

The best way to create content is by taking user search intent into consideration. When you create content with the right search context, more people will come to read it.

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Try to create a guide which covers a maximum number of queries or questions related to that topic. The chances are the blog will start ranking on good positions and it will generate a lot of backlinks.

Once you will publish such a comprehensive blog, you will notice that it’s generating backlinks at a much higher speed than other blogs. One thing you can do is that you can also create a PDF version of that guide and let people download it as it will be handier for them to use.

Quality content for guest blogs

Guest blog posting is still the number one way of generating content for your site and doing this is not that difficult also. But here, while creating content, again, you need to keep in mind the readers’ pain points and problems that you are solving. 

Never do guest posting in 2021 which is not adding any value to users because Google and other search engines are proactively searching more quality-driven content. Basic thin content purposefully created for backlink will not help you get higher organic rankings.

The main tip here is to do in-depth content research of your competitors and add more value to the existing topic where they are missing out. This simple trick will help you create more valuable content and it will attract higher backlinks. 

Infographics still work

Most marketers think that infographics didn’t work in the era of paid marketing but this is not true and they do work for your brand. But the real deal here is to check what you are offering in the infographics.

The pro tip here is to solve micro issues of users that your competitors are only covering in their blogs. 

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When you prepare infographics on such questions which have been asked for many times and still people are not getting a satisfactory answer, you will attract backlinks. Just like we create content websites, blogs and articles on micro topics, you can also create infographics with the same approach.

When people will find a solution to their question in a portable way like infographics, they will link back to your resource, and it will also get shared. 

Quoting experts in the content

The best way to gain trust from the audience is to do professional roundup articles as they work really well in generating backlinks.

When you collaborate with an industry expert, people prefer to read and share your content as the credibility goes higher. Use your network well, invite an industry expert, and record a video with them.

You can then write articles on it, upload a video on YouTube and also share podcasts over the same. This strategy indeed requires both the hardwork and contacts, but it’s all worth it.

The article that you would share would get higher traction because Google and other search engines reward authority and high-quality content.

Conduct and publish surveys

Survey content is among the most shareable content pieces that other people prefer to use them in their article to quote figures. If you are able to create any kind of survey with all genuine data, then there are high chances that it will attract many links.

You can also collaborate with a survey agency and publish the report in collaboration to generate high-quality content. As you are conducting the survey, there is no chance of getting into any plagiarism. So, while creating your content calendar, make sure you give this strategy a try.

These were some of the best ways to generate high-quality content and attract a ton of backlinks in an automated way. If you don’t have an in-house team, then you should hire a professional SEO reseller team that can help you generate quality backlinks.