Cyberthum Bhutani Noida: A theme-based commercial project

Some unique features of sky-mall, luxurious office shit, provision for the helipad on the roof of the buildings, the largest musical fountain, etc. is precisely being designed that has been offered by the Cyberthum Bhutani Noida authority is itself a desperate attempt to form a massive business point as a part of the greater Noida region in North India as well.

Why this theme-based project is going more purposeful to the visitors?

Because of its multi accessing points with no-traffic congestion, ample space for parking, ample space for the visitors for moving freely inside the project space, ample sitting provision, fun zone, Food Park, shopping points, the air-conditioning system inside the building, maximum visibilities inside and outside the project, and all other auto elicited activities.

Value-added locational advantages of the Bhutani Cyberthum project are a very important factor indeed.

•    Nearby expressway

This commercial project campus is surrounded by a valuable adjacent road and expressways — (a) Noida Expressway, (b) FNG Expressway, (c) Delhi-NCR highway, and the other adjoining roads and streets.

•    Nearby metro station

It adds more value to it and the half-an-hour away-distant airport for national and international connectivity makes this project more adding value it. The provision of the private helipad above the building-top makes to add a more prestigious value-added service scheme here within.

•    Exiting urban neighborhood

There are lots of surrounding prime residential campuses and residencies of the upper-class, upper-middle-class societies

Nearby existing factories and multi hubs besides the Cyberthum Noida project is also the prime factor, you know. Along with the existing IT SEZ/Hub of different national and internal multi-purposeful units, there are vehicle manufacturing factories are already existing.

Would you like to invest here?

What’s its actual return value how (long) that you can get back? Why the returning amount of value is guaranteed? Before investing in the project you can check the Cyberthum Price List for further in detail. Let’s discuss here – 

•    Immediate money-back with @ 10%, 11% & 12% assured returns against your investment

•    Leasing guarantee with strong leasing terms and return policies or even long-term rental with the ate of high occupancy as rental income after the allotment of the spot

•    Higher unbeatable assured return on the space for location (office/shop) through (ROI)

•    Previous track record as a part of this mother concern governed authority, and backed by the Alphathum, I-thum & World Square Mall, etc. project authorities

Ample individual project-space of office and shop

The total built-up area along with the basement is about 4, 18,376.877 sq. meter. These two fifty-storied buildings are cauterized as TOWER A and B. And the tower height of these two buildings is 213.7 Meters — the tallest business twin towers in the NCR region in North India.

There is ample provision for open parking space (nearing 10000 cars and vehicles within) — permanent open parking (421) and hydraulic covered parking (4950) inside the basement.

By the way, this project — Cyberthum Bhutani Noida — might be another opportunity for the invitation of other multinational companies as well as to come and join to make this city into a megacity reformations activity.