Decorating Hacks for a Rental Apartment

It’s important to make a rental apartment feel like home. You might not have access to all of your favorite furniture and decorations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your new space! Do you live in a rental apartment? Do you own your home but need some decorating ideas to spice up your living space? No matter if you’re renting or not, these hacks will be perfect for any room of the house. Using inexpensive items can still make a big impact on the look and feel of your place. All it takes is some creativity and access to a few household items!

Paint it 

Painting a wall or an accent wall is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to update a room. It instantly makes the place feel more like home and can transform a lackluster space into something that feels fresh. Whatever the style of your apartment, you are sure to find inspiration for what color would work best. Get ideas from online platforms and paint stores and experiment with a few colors before deciding on the one you like best. Pair it up with colorful area rugs and furniture pieces to give a room that pops!

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Light it up 

The ambiance is everything when decorating an apartment! Lighting is the one thing in most homes people don’t think about enough. The right lighting can make any room feel cozier, more inviting, and a little romantic. Use light to draw the eye in whichever direction you want, depending on what kind of mood or feeling you’re going for. Pick fixtures that work well with your color pallet, so it doesn’t crash! Lightening up your space will make it feel larger, be more welcoming and create a different mood.

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Add some personal touches. 

Decorate with objects that tell the story of you! This goes beyond pictures on the wall of bookshelves. You can decorate any room with items that are special to you- like favorite music CDs (find the album art to make a whole wall of music!), favorite books, and hometown memorabilia. Adding personalized items to your home will make it feel like a home. Your home is also an expression of who you are as a person- so decorate it accordingly! Your style may be simple and modern, rustic and cozy, minimalistic and trendy- whatever feels right for you. You can also choose to make a room your “zen” zone by adding calming colors and textures, like blue or green hues with natural materials.

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Include life events 

You can decorate your space with items that represent significant moments in your life- like wedding photos or framed diplomas! Your home tells the story of you and how you live, so include things that represent your life. Make a memorable or gallery wall with photos, or build a bookcase from the bottom up with your favorite titles.

Include a handful of items 

Don’t take over the whole house with souvenirs from your travels or pictures of you and your best friends- pick a few standout pieces that make it feel like home! It’s better to have only one really good piece than twenty mediocre ones, so choose wisely. Remember: don’t overspend on expensive pieces because you’re decorating for a short amount of time- focus more on items that will make space feel like it’s yours.

Don’t forget to layer in your favorite things. 

Odds are, you’ll be living with roommates or sharing this place with others. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re living in someone else’s home. Your best bet is to layer your favorite things- think artwork, pillows, and other items that give the space personality without making it too personal. Layering your favorite oriental rugs or paintings with minimalist accents is a great way to make space feel like it’s yours- without making it too personal.

Add some plants 

A home without plants is not much of a home at all. Plants add life and beauty while also giving the space a little fresh air too. The best part? They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Place plant pots in every room of the home, and place them on a high surface. Plants and hanging planters in the 

balcony or patio can also act as a vertical garden. You’re not limited to just pot plants- there are plenty of other options if you want more variety. Consider succulents, cacti, orchids, and air plants which give the space some personality without taking up much room. They require very little maintenance and will add natural beauty to space.

Add some color 

Bright colors are fun to add in small doses- think throw pillows or artwork. One way to incorporate bright colors without overwhelming an already well-lived space is through flowers. Flowers provide a burst of life that can last weeks! Place colorful blooms throughout the space for an instant update. Read on “41 ways to upgrade the rental apartment” And get ideas to make your place feel like home.

Make the most of your window. 

Windows are helpful to bring in natural light and ventilation, but they can also be focal points! Add extra seating (such as an oversized ottoman) or place some books on the sill- anything that will draw attention up and outwards from inside the window. Place a couch near the window so you can enjoy the light and view while sitting down.

Create an accent wall 

If you have bare walls that need sprucing up, then adding an accent wall is just a good idea! Choose a wall with an existing design or paint it in something like bright yellow (a favorite of mine) to add life and color. You could even stencil out cushions on your accent wall for the perfect reading nook. Just make sure you check that there’s enough space before committing to this idea.

Make the most of a small space. 

If you find your apartment is rather compact, try finding ways to make the best use of every inch. The key here is thinking vertically and creatively! Use corner space wisely. And stack things vertically to make the most of your space. Use the area under the staircase and buy furniture with built-in storage, like a storage ottoman or a coffee table with extra drawers.

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On a Nutshell

We hope these decorating hacks have been helpful and that you’ve found some great ideas to make your rental apartment feel like home. If not, we know there are many other ways to hack a rental space—don’t be afraid of the challenge! Keep on searching for those creative solutions until you find what will work best in your space. And if all else fails, buy a rug from RugKnots because it will change everything about how beautiful and stylish an otherwise bare room can look with a warm and cozy floor covering.