Top 15 destinations to spend the New Year in the World

The end of the year is fast approaching and you ask yourself an important question: where to spend the New Year? Liligo invites you to travel abroad and start the year under the best aegis! Be it friends, family or lovers, let us introduce you to our top 15 best travel destinations to spend the new year.

1. Jaipur, India

Are you looking for a destination for the New Year that is both festive and affordable? Find a cheap plane ticket to Jaipur and attend the official celebrations held around the Forts. There are many options available to you: attend festivals, meet locals in bars and more. Don’t miss these best places to celebrate new year in india.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a destination that is both festive and authentic. Here, the New Year, also known as “Hogmanay”, lasts for 3 days and includes fireworks, torchlight parades and a local sporting tradition: New Year’s Games! So think of this Scottish city if you want a colorful and festive New Year’s Eve.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Find a plane ticket to Prague for a few tens of euros and fly to one of the most beautiful cities of the old continent to spend a new year on top this year! To celebrate the New Year, the capital is organizing a spectacular fireworks display directly in Vlatva. To party until the end of the night, you’ll have the choice between one of the old center’s upscale clubs or a party boat on the river.

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Do you want to spend the New Year in the sun without sacrificing your party cravings? We have the right destination for you: Dubai, United Arab Emirates! On December 31st, at the beach, you’ll have the opportunity to taste a cocktail with your feet in the water, see a spectacular fireworks display and dance in trendy bars.

5. Venice, Italy

Where to go in the new year when you’re looking for romance? In Venice, of course! The spectacular city with canals is certainly not the best party, but it is undoubtedly the most romantic. Tradition has it that at midnight, lovers kiss each other under a spectacular fireworks display on St. Mark’s Square.

6. Kiev, Ukraine

We don’t necessarily think of Ukraine as a priority when it comes to where to spend New Year’s Day. However, with its romantic atmosphere and its spectacular festive lights, the Ukrainian capital lends itself particularly well! On New Year’s Eve, visit the Old Town Square to admire a spectacular fireworks display, before heading to the clubs and bars of Wenceslas Square.

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

How to spend your New Years watching the Northern Lights dance in the sky?

Away from the perpetual turmoil of European capitals, Iceland is full of wonders. And while it’s not the ideal season to explore the Nordic paradise, the city of Reykjavik may surprise you. Amidst its sparkling streets and Christmas market, you will enjoy a magical atmosphere away from the crowds and the usual frenzy.

For those of you more adventurous, renting a car in Reykjavik is possible in all seasons to visit the rest of the island.

8. In New Zealand

Get off the road for a year 2022 under the travel sign, riding in a van or motorhome. Whether it’s a celebration in the heart of Auckland or enjoying a farm immersion, this Pacific island will allow you to spend the New Year in the midst of gorgeous landscapes.

If you like the city, it is in Auckland that you can admire the Sky Tower and the fireworks lit from atop Christchurch that you can shake your hips at the live music festival organized for the occasion. If you’re looking to spend the New Year by the sea, Wellington is where you’ll enjoy all kinds of entertainment and food trucks.

December is the start of beautiful weather in New Zealand, which will allow you to take advantage of the perfect weather to celebrate the new year!

4. Krakow, Poland

Are you looking for a destination for the New Year that is both festive and affordable? Find a cheap plane ticket to Krakow and attend the official celebrations held around the Main Market Square. There are many options available to you: attend open-air concerts, meet locals in bars, enjoy the upscale clubs of Poland’s second largest city, and more.

9. Marrakech, Morocco

If you are looking for an original and sunny destination, then the city of Marrakech is ideal!

Easily accessible from France, it is in a charming setting and away from the Christmas clichés you will spend 2022. Whether a private party in Riyadh or a concert in a restaurant, many activities with a very different atmosphere are organized for the new year. What a wonderful evening!

If you want to avoid the crowds, visit the High Atlas in Oukamaden, an hour’s drive from Marrakech. With a little luck (and snow) you’ll be able to admire the torchlight’s descent down the slopes!

10. Barcelona, ​​Spain

If you want to go a little less far away, find a train or plane ticket to Barcelona and take part in the famous “Nochevieja”. Even though it is cold at this time of year, the sun is usually still there on December 31st. Around the magical fountain of Montjuc, fireworks and sound and light shows are held to offer a memorable evening in one of the best European destinations to celebrate the end of the year.

11. New York, USA

Many people dream of going to New York for the New Years. This is not only an opportunity to admire the Christmas lights and decorations all over the city, but also to take part in the famous midnight countdown in Times Square! Furthermore, this world-renowned evening usually invites international stars for an unforgettable concert in the midst of a crowd that often ranges in the range of 1 million people, that’s all!

12. Berlin, Germany

Germany has a well-established reputation for celebrating! For New Year’s Eve, find a flight from Paris to Berlin and swing by to electronic music in underground clubs. It would also be an opportunity to stroll through the famous Berlin Christmas markets and taste a nice hot rum or walk through the Brandenburg Gate and take part in its celebrations.

13. Lisbon, Portugal

For those on a tight budget, Lisbon is the perfect New Year’s Eve destination. You’ll find something to feast on for a few euros and have the opportunity to party at a low cost. After watching the fireworks over the Tagus, head to the clubs in the Bairro Alto district, where the party will continue long after midnight.

14. London, England

We live in Europe with a top festive and charming New Year’s destination: London. After scouring the city’s pubs and restaurants, head to the London Eye to admire the fireworks before heading to Soho for a night of unforgettable celebrations and encounters. For lovers of electronic music, the city will probably host some of the greatest DJs of all time, like Berlin.

15. Budapest, Hungary

The Pearl of the Danube is a must-see place to spend the New Year.

For a romantic evening, take an organized cruise with gourmet food, overlooking the majestic and illuminated monuments that line the Danube. You can also book into one of Budapest’s many restaurants that offer a special New Year’s Eve menu with entertainment and folk dances.

For most of you partygoers, the Hungarian capital has no shortage of places of corruption! Instant-Fogas, Szimpla, Etkart, Aquarium Club or even Doboz, many ruin bars turn into discos after dark. From mainstream music to electro, there is something for all genres.

Confetti and champagne await you on Vorosmarty Square too, and our advice against the cold: go for the palinka!

The next day, there is nothing better than to enjoy the thermal baths abundant in the capital: Szczeciny, Kirali, Luck, Gellert or even Rudas, a worthy moment of relaxation after an eventful evening.

So, what will be the destination of your choice? 🙂