How Is Digital Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing?


If you have been working in a digital marketing agency, you might have heard about how it scores over traditional marketing. Despite knowing how effective an online medium is, this discussion can get confusing when you’re trying to promote your company or organization but are unsure about where to start.

A wealth of traditional and digital marketing tools is available today. From radio to printed material to social media services, PPC ads, content marketing, SEO, or email marketing. With so many mediums and terms, it can get overwhelming. Both traditional and digital marketing agencies have participated in this big debate. If we want to decide which is the better medium, there are several topics to unfold.

In today’s web-based environment where everything is available with a single click, conventional traditional marketing is an expensive tool. Businesses and users are looking for a marketing medium that will not burn a hole in their pockets.

Here itself is one of the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing. Whether it is a consumer or a business, digital marketing works as a cost-effective means of advertising.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing, also called vintage marketing, was in vogue long before the advent of digital marketing agencies. This is a popular choice for offline media to reach offline audiences. Print and broadcast ads, telemarketing, and direct mailers are all examples.

It is not that traditional marketing is not important – it certainly is, but it lacks the essential goals that one can efficiently and inexpensively achieve with digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an online medium of marketing that helps companies spread brand awareness and work more proactively to reach their target audience in a much cheaper way. When we talk about the importance of digital marketing in comparison to traditional marketing, there are various factors to address. 

What are the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing?

  • Automated approach

Traditional marketing requires a targeted customer engagement approach for every single step. Ad development, negotiating ad space, printing/publishing, and withdrawing the ads requires a lot of effort and time. Following this, more people are required to track the performance of these advertisements and compute ROI.

One of the best aspects of digital marketing is that it is automated. Companies are in charge of ad creation. With AI-enabled software, a digital marketing agency can handle nearly every subsequent step.

  • Traceability

From design to delivery, all aspects of digital marketing are managed using the latest tools and software. As a result, no crucial information or measurements will be ignored. These minutiae are also measurable and recordable.

The same data may also be used to automate the timing, placement, and other aspects of digital ad publication. Ad software using AI can let you test numerous variants of your advertising to improve their performance.

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  • High conversion rates

The purpose of marketing is conversions. With the traditional form, it becomes difficult to reach a massive audience as you are unable to opt for geo-targeting. But, for example, by employing a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, you have leverage over targeting the right demographics.

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Companies benefit from digital marketing since these conversions are simple. Consumers find it quicker, faster, and more comfortable to make purchases online since the online shopping experience has become so simple.

  • Better returns

You won’t waste as much time or money promoting to a uninterested audience, since digital advertising is better focused. Instead of waiting for your new printed ads to come out, you may take advantage of current trends right away. You also don’t spend as much on your digital ad campaign as you do on traditional marketing with hassles like ad space.

Furthermore, traditional marketing ROI calculations aren’t always correct. It involves a great deal of guessing, and you virtually never know for sure how well your ads have performed. With digital marketing, every spike in engagement is tracked, and you’ll know just how successful your investment was.

Final verdict: digital marketing vs traditional marketing

So, digital marketing is far better than traditional marketing in many ways. While people love to debate traditional vs digital marketing, the above-listed benefits are things any digital marketer can attest to.

Traditional marketing doesn’t offer any direct interactions. In digital marketing, you have various tools such as social media to connect, engage, and understand your audience. Based on your audience, Amura, a leading digital marketing agency in India will help in creating a constructive strategy to improve your marketing ventures.