During your honeymoon, you must visit the 10 best places in the city of Kerala

There are several reasons why Kerala is popularly referred to as the land of God itself. The untouched tropical beauty, the calm pace of life, and the rich culture and traditions make this a great destination for all honeymooners. If you too want to visit this state with your spouse in South India, don’t forget to have a look at this comprehensive list of the top places to visit in Kerala. Have navigation!

1. Wayanad

Kerala’s Wayanad has a wide variety of natural bounty to enhance and is one of the ideal spots for honeymooning couples. The location is stunningly lovely from wonderful fauna, dazzling lakes to waterfalls. The Chembra Peak and the Honeymoon Lake are the two most famous spots to visit here.

2. Kumarakom

Kumarakom, recognized as one of Kerala’s top spots for honeymoons, is a city in its true meaning. Their beauty will make your jaws drop. Known as Lake City. The majority of honeymooners come here to cross the pristine backwater that is the habitat of many species of migratory birds. In addition to the backwaters, there is the Temple of Adithyapuram Surya and a bird sanctuary.

3. Munnar

The lovely Munnar hill station cannot be forgotten when it comes to the top spots in Kerala. Walk around the state’s tea plantings and learn why they are frequently named South Switzerland! Honeymooning couples, who want to spend time in various shooting, boating, and walking to Attukal Falls, rush to the verdant mountain station to a huge number of people.

4. Kochi

Visit the town of Kochi, known for many beautiful things like China’s fishing nets, the spice market, the synagogue, and the palace of the Netherlands. A few days for the honeymooners can explore numerous lively nooks and corners for which the town is renowned. Newlyweds might have a good time walking along the famed beach of Cherai or, like the plays at Kalarippayattu, participate in culturally exotic Kerala styles.

5. Alleppey

An exotic location like Alleppey must be on a newly-bucket wed’s list. The view from the lovely waters is one of the top sites in Kerala to swoon over. The majority of newly married couples begin their married lives by a sail over the faint Alleppey waters, where time is still. Hold on to the hypocritical Alappuzha Beach your partner’s hands.

6. Bekal

Does your partner want to escape the bustle of city life? Come directly to Bekal, a paradise eager to give you its enchantment! Bekal is best known both for its backwaters and its beaches. The cellars of Bekal Fort and Nithyananda Ashram are full of stuff to go.

7. Kovalam

Get ready to spend your whole life walking down Kovalam Beach, one of Kerala’s top sites to be known all over the world. Yes, the beach is for everyone with a honey monkey, with sun-kissed sands, and a rocky hillock with a lighthouse. Clifftop walking is an activity that you and your companion can do besides visiting a town where nature seems to be linked to God. To your heart’s satisfaction, you can take part in swimming, water sports, and cultural events.

8. Poovar

One of Kerala’s greatest destinations, Poovar attracts love birds who flock to the many floating villas. This is the ideal place that gives you a lifetime experience. The floating bungalows with balconies provide an opportunity to admire the lovely estuary. Just walk down here on the beach and watch the sunset. Or enjoy a boat in the backwaters with emerald green waters that blow your mind.

9. Athirappilly

Athirappilly is a battered spot and not a common tourist road. It’s really pristine. The Treehouse Rainforest Resort is the most remarkable aspect of this place. It’s in the midst of beautiful nebulous cascades. It’s a really reclusive place suitable for romance and love.

10. Marari Beach

Marari Beach is one of the best sites in Kerala for wine-lunches, with sun-kissed beach and azure blue waves of the sea. A lot of newlyweds come here to stay in the traditional private hut attracts by the beach. Every house offers a private bathtub and a beach stroll and yoga begins the day.

If honeymooning is a big time in your thoughts, choose one of Kerala’s top spots and build your partner beautiful memories! See our complete guide on what you need to pack for the Sunrise and some ideas for planning a pleasant Sunrise!