Easiest ways to block your number and hide your phone ID

Sometimes, you don’t want your number to fall into the wrong hands. It could be work-related calls or access to Craigslist users. Or you are driving a company that you do not trust. In such cases, you can hide your phone number when calling and remain unknown.

Below, we will show you all the ways to block your phone number from Android or iPhone. Remember that most people automatically reject calls from secret numbers. It means that people may not answer the phone if you are the caller.

1- Use 67 number

You are dialing most efficiently and effectively to hide your phone number, dial * 67. The number of people you wish to call should be at the end. To hide your phone ID, use this method. You will need to take a note of their number or copy it to the clipboard first. Next, copy it to the mobile app manually.

For example, to block your phone number from calling 555-555-5555, you will be calling * 67-555-5555.

To call someone using 67, will you be able to show that No Caller ID? Confidential? BlockedYou can also use the same or similar code on your device.

You must dial * 67 to block any calls you wish to make. You may select one of these options if you do not want your number stopped throughout the cal.

2- By changing your device settings

People can block their phone numbers or hide their phone IDs. You can use a smartphone app but also both Android and iOS devices let you hide your phone ID.No Caller ID?

You can temporarily unlock your phone number by dialing * 82Before the number you wish to call. It will take out your settings and show your phone ID again.

Some cell carriers will not allow you to block your phone ID on your device. If you cannot find the settings, please proceed to the next step to contact your carrier to learn how to block your number.

How to block your phone ID on your iPhone?

After that, open TheSettingsScroll down and tap on appTelefonOption.
TapShow my phone IDUnlock switch to hide your number.

How to block your phone number on Android devices?

This process may vary depending on the dialing app and your Android phone. Here are two areas in which you can block phone ID.

1- Start Telefon App and open three dots Menu (In the upper right corner, type)
2- Go to Settings Scroll down and click the “Next” button for Support Services. You may need to navigate depending on the device you have.Contact> More.
3- TapShow my phone IDChoose to hide the numbers from the popup menu
4- Try a different location if this fails.
5- After that, openTelefonTap again in-app Menu> Settings.
6- Select calling accounts and Tap the button below to add the name of your carrier settings.
7- Tap Caller ID and Select to hide the number. It is best to lock it by all means

3- You can block your number by calling your carrier directly.

Most network companies that do not allow you to block your number with device settings will use their app instead. If this is not the case, call your manager and ask him to stop you.

Similar to the previous method, blocking your phone number hides your phone ID from all calls. You can write this down to show your number on a particular phone. * 82 It’s the beginning of a number to block or hide your number when making calls

However, there are a lot of apps that help to hide your phone number when calling. Hence, your opponent will see only ‘UNKNOWN NUMBER’ on their screen. For this, go ahead and download some useful apps from Google Play Store without any error.