Easy way to troubleshoot printer error

The printer is a crucial device for companies and home use. Users can easily take the printouts of files, crucial documents, photos etc. But this device can easily get into errors. The printer can get into error due to connection and various other issues. Whenever the printer is not working, the user should try to fix the error using manual techniques.

Can’t find my printer

The user gives the print command from the printer but the printer is not available on the list. Printer not available issues appear when the devices are not connected. The user should check for the connection of his device. Now check the cable you are using for connection. Remove it and check its ends. If the cable is not in good condition then replace it with a good one. Now connect one end to the printer and another to the PC. Retry to give the print command. When the PC and printer are connected via the network, check the router. Restart its WPS pin and then check for printer connection. 

The printer is connected but not printing

Sometimes the printer shows the available status but can’t take the print command. The user may get Epson error 0xf1 on the screen. The error appears when the printer is connected but can’t get the printer driver. Without the driver, the printer won’t accept the command. The user has to check for the driver on his device. Update the printer driver to its latest version and then check for errors. If you don’t have the driver then install it immediately. Every printer model has a different driver. If you have connected the PC to a new printer then you will require a new driver on the PC. After installing or updating the correct printer driver, the user can start taking his printouts.

The printer is giving faded printouts

Users will start getting the faded printouts when the cartridge is about to get empty. Whenever you see the faded printouts; check the cartridge. If it is about to get empty then install a new cartridge. If the cartridge is costing a lot then go for cartridge refilling. But the user must purchase good quality ink to refill the cartridge. Some people purchase the clone cartridge for their printer. These cartridges provide low-quality printouts. Also, check the printing mode on your printer. If the mode is low then switch it to normal or high for better print quality. 

The printer is showing memory full status

The printer has an inbuilt memory that stores the print jobs. The user doesn’t have to take the printouts one by one. He can give lots of print commands at once all these jobs will get stored as a queue on the memory. When users get the error message; he can’t give more print commands. For this error, users don’t have to do anything and take the printouts of the jobs which are in the memory. Once the printer gets some free space on the memory then it will start taking the new print commands. 

Slow printing

The printer speed can get affected due to various reasons. When you start taking network printing; printer speed will decrease. The printing speed on cable is way more than the network printing. The speed of your printer device will decrease with time. When you have an old printer but want to take the printer with good speed then change the print quality mode. Using the low-quality mode will improve the printing speed. The ink usage will also reduce in this mode. But you should use this mode for taking simple printouts only. When the printer is new but still giving speed issues then check the printhead. Printer speed gets affected when the printhead is not moving correctly. Check the printhead and clean it. Once the printhead starts moving correctly; the speed will increase automatically.

Unable to fetch the cartridge

After installing a new cartridge; sometimes the monitor shows empty status. Users get this error when the cartridge is not installed properly. You can try removing and reinstalling the cartridge correctly. Users can get cartridge errors when they are installing clone cartridges. Many of the printer devices don’t allow clone cartridges. Users have to purchase a new and original cartridge for the printer. When the user has installed the original cartridge but still getting the error then remove all the installed cartridges. It will show every slot empty. Now install the cartridges one by one and check the status.