Essential Tips To Secure Your Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers – For an eCommerce business, nothing is more important than the experience of its customers and users. For improved uptime and reduced downtime, these websites pay a great or extra amount for a dedicated server. When your business is growing and the number of customers is increasing, then having a dedicated server becomes a necessity. Using a shared server will reduce your uptime and result in a bad user experience.

Despite spending an extra amount on a dedicated server, your website still goes dark for hours, which becomes unavailable for the user. It is because your dedicated server is facing cyber attacks, and your user cannot interact with the website on time. Such issues require to be dealt with on time; else, recovering your website or make it available for users becomes impossible.

Keep scrolling down the article to know the tips and tricks of securing your dedicated servers against cyber attacks.

Top 6 Ways To Secure Your Dedicated Servers

There are certain hosts that do not provide any security protocols for your dedicated servers. It is on your shoulders to make them secure and safe from cyberattacks. You can find a secure host that ensures the safety and security of your host, or you can look for ways and methods to secure your dedicated servers. It is better to find a secure host because that host will be implementing all the security measures to ensure that your servers are not at risk.

Following are some of the ways you can secure your dedicated servers.

1. Backup your data

You never know when your server will get under attack because the hackers try to breach it every time. That is why apart from adding security checks to your servers, you also need to create a secure backup. Many reliable hosts provide automatic backup plans for their users, which ensures the data security and safety of many websites. For many eCommerce sites, UAE hosting services are the top priority to ensure the safety of their data and servers without losing any valuable information.

2.  Use secure networks

One of the major reasons for cyberattacks is using unsafe networks for communication. Most DDoS attacks occur due to network failures and threats. Using a private network while accessing your hosting plan is always recommended because public networks are easy to hack and breach. Everyone having the credential to access the host or sign in to the host must follow these rules because if any of the ones use a public network for access, your servers will be more prone to risks and attacks.

3. Avoid DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are becoming an increasing threat to the servers, and no matter how well you try, you will still get affected by these attacks. The number of servers affected by these attacks is increasing with each passing year. It is better to opt for DDoS protection methods and techniques to make sure your servers are not flooded with traffic restricting your user from accessing the website.

4. Change default SSH listening port

The first thing you have to do is to change the secure shell configuration settings. By default, the SSH listening port is set to 22. Most of the hacking attempts are made for port 22, which increases the number of threats for your dedicated server. You can change and identify the listening port of your server through the command prompt. Such port settings and changes make it difficult for hackers to reach your server.

5. Limit access

Creating an account of the user to access your server is one of the best practices to ensure the safety of the server. This way, you are limiting the access of unnecessary people to your server; only those people will be able to access the server with the Id and password assigned during account creation. Once the user has created an account, make sure they get access to the things that are necessary, do not give unnecessary access to make changes to your server.

6. Install security updates

Installing security updates to make your server secure is crucial. Every year, security updates and methods are released to mitigate cyberattacks. If you fail to install these latest security updates, then the chances of your dedicated servers getting attacked will be higher. For your peace of mind, it is better to opt for a hosting plan that provides security update installations. You can opt for the UAE hosting services to ensure your servers are safe from attacks while implementing all the latest security updates without giving you a headache.

Select the best to avoid server attacks!

For ensuring the safety of your data and the fast and secure interaction of your user with your server, you need to make sure your hosting services are secure. No matter how much effort you make to secure your host, they will always be under attack unless you opt for a secure host. So, make sure the host you are choosing promises to keep your servers secure and available all the time.

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