Everything You Should Know about Leukoderma

There are so many skin conditions that you do not even know about. Of course, many people face them and are struggling to come out of them.  It is time that you be more careful about your skin care. Now have you ever heard about a condition called leukoderma.

Even known as Vitiligo, Leukoderma is a kind of skin disease that triggers loss of skin pigmentation (melanin) that leads to skin whitening. The white patches on the skin are known as leukoderma. Once the condition gets extreme, the spots encompass almost all parts of the body including your scalp, face and the genitals. You can easily get leucoderma treatment in bangalore if you look for it. Of course, if you don’t know much about this condition read on to know more.

The symptoms 

The main sign and symptom of this condition of leukoderma are like milky white patches on your skin. Other signs encompass:

  • Premature greying of your hair (eyelashes, beard and even that of eyebrow)
  • Loss of colour in your mucous membranes (tissues which line the within the mouth)
  • Alteration in colour of retina

Though leukoderma may impact any part of the body, pigmentation generally occurs first on sun-exposed areas of your body

Quick Causes  

There are two sorts of leukoderma which are Segmental and Non-segmental.

  • Segmental Leukoderma – The signs of this segmental leukoderma start showing up at an initial stage while affecting one side or segment of the body. It is the type that progresses just for a few years.
  • Non-Segmental Leukoderma – beginning with a short-lived burst of discoloration, such type affects both sides of the body and it expands with fresh cycles of pigment loss across the life.

So, once you know about these types, you can evaluate what type of condition you have.


Since there is no permanent leukoderma treatment out there, the main goal of the doctors during the treatment is to augment the appearance of the affected area. Light therapy, medication and even that of surgery are the three prime treatment options for this ailment.

  • Medication – To assist re-pigment the skin. Here, the experts advise topical creams that control inflammation or even affect the immune system.
  • Light Therapy – Recurrent light therapy sessions have proved fruitful in restoring some colour of the impacted area. Narrow-band UVB (311) phototherapy and that of PUVA therapy are the two sorts of light therapy that are used in leukoderma treatment. PUVA possesses a more powerful effect on pigment cells if you compare it to Narrow-band UVB (311) phototherapy.
  • Cosmetics – Application of skin tanners or even that of makeup on the affected area stays the safest option for the ones with minor patches of leukoderma.


TO sum up, once you speak with the professionals, you would know what exactly is going to work for you. You can discuss your case with them, and you would know the best way out for you. Just visit a leucoderma clinic in bangalore   and do the needful for your skin. After all, it is about your skin care and overall health.