Explore Europe like a Pro Traveller

Top 15 tips to explore Europe like a pro traveler – Before unraveling the secrets of the Historical Ruins of Rome, enjoying Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or taking an epic train ride from the King’s Cross Railway Station, London. You must be well prepared to explore Europe like a pro traveler. In this article, we are going to help you with that. 

Let’s know the top 15 tips to explore Europe like a pro traveler

Plan a limited itinerary

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the number of destinations and adventures Europe offers. And you may feel like you want to experience all of them at once. But factually it isn’t possible. Europe is a wide continent and visiting the whole continent at once is almost impossible. And if you are thinking of achieving it in 10 or 15 days, you are certainly very wrong.

If you have a 10-day trip, then choose 1 to3 European destinations. And then make your travel plans based on these cities only. It will give you the needed time to explore extra dimensions of Europe and make the most out of your trip.

Be an early bird in flight bookings

 Waiting till the last minute for acquiring great deals doesn’t work anymore. And these kinds of deals are now rare to find. So, instead of putting your efforts into something rare, put them into something common. And that is the early booking of air tickets. 

Booking between 4 to 1 month before your traveling date will help you save handsomely on your air tickets. The reason behind the availability of cheap air tickets between this 4 to 1-month period is a low demand for air tickets during this period.

Enjoy the local food

 Suppose you take direct flights to Italy from US or another place and then eat food from Mc Donalds or KFC outlets there. You could have eaten the same food in any part of the world then what’s the benefit of spending a fortune to travel to Italy. Missing dishes like Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak for KFC fried chicken is a sin.

Make a list of the best delicacies of the places you will visit on your trip. And try almost everything out of that list. Remember, you can’t fully explore a city without exploring its food.

Use local transportation

Booking a cab every time you want to visit a certain place will not only go hard on your bank but also it won’t let you explore the continent completely. Instead of taking cabs everywhere, use local transports.

Like after taking direct flights to Barcelona from US, the best way to explore Barcelona is through bicycle rides. And a cab ride won’t be able to compensate for the same feeling to you. If you are traveling western parts of Europe, then taking trains is the best part to explore it. While for central and eastern Europe you must use the buses.

Check Visa requirements

Always check the visa requirement of a destination before visiting it. And make sure you comply with them. Because without a valid visa your European endeavor plans can never meet the reality.

Pack Sensibly

Packing 15 dresses for a 7-day trip isn’t sensible at all. Always pack the essentials first. We have seen many tourists running to the local market to buy a toothbrush as soon as they land their destination. 

Keep a warm hoodie, a thin warm blanket, a pair of waterproof shoes, a water-resistant jacket, a cap, and medicines in your bag. Then pack your daily essentials. And only after that pack a few dresses so that your luggage remains light. Carrying a heavy suitcase or bag all around Europe can prove to be a big headache for you.

Take proper safety precautions

Europe is a very safe country with a very low crime rate. But precaution is always better than cure. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry while walking down the narrow streets. Don’t walk alone late at night and stay away from the curfew area.

You can always check the crime rates of places online. Choose the area with the lowest crime rates to stay at.

Tips aren’t necessary

Most of the European countries don’t follow the tipping culture. Hence you won’t need to pay tips after eating every meal there. In special cases, when the food served is highly delicious, the maximum tip served is 10% of the total bill.

Choose off-season travels

If you love budget-friendly trips, then traveling off-season could be the best option. Also, you will save yourself from busy streets and overbooked hotels by doing so. Europe welcomes the most travelers in the months from June to August. Thus, traveling Europe in winter can provide you the most optimum deals.

Avoid buying Mineral Water

If you have a highly sensitive stomach that can’t take anything other than mineral water then go for it. Otherwise, tap water in Europe is safe and healthy to drink. Thus, avoid spending bucks on the thing you can have for free.

Roam around

Roaming in Europe is free in most places. And it is the best way to explore different cities. Although European countries have busy streets, most of them have big centers with cemented streets. Making them the perfect place to take a walk.

If you are on a tight budget, then make sure you visit the places from outside and enjoy the scenic beauty they offer. A walk along the banks of the River Thames is highly recommended.

Dwell deep into the history

European countries like Rome have a rich history associated with them. Dwell deep into the history of different places. It will allow you to build a more sacred relationship with Europe.

Make a list of museums and galleries with free entries, and make sure to pay a visit to them.

Avoid eating beside tourist attractions

The food stations near tourist attractions charge the highest price for the least quality of food. If you want to eat healthily without burning a hole in your pocket, then always eat at places distant from tourist attractions.

Spend time with nature

The best way to spend leisure time is to spend it while relaxing. Most of the European parks have free entry. Plan a day picnic and spend some time away from city lights. 

Taste fresh coffee

No matter where you taste coffee around the world, European coffee always hits differently. Spend a few bucks in buying yourself fresh coffee. Fresh brewed coffees and lattes are the must-try.

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