7 Factors That Affect Custom Wardrobes’ Longevity

When people have a custom lifestyle, it is also important to have tailored choices in life, such as selecting a custom wardrobe that is rough and tough to handle the hassles of modern living conditions.

Although one can easily pick a nice-looking wardrobe from any vendor’s catalog, it is of no use if the paint starts chipping off or the piece loses its shine in some time.

Custom wardrobes designed and built to not only offer style and luxury but also to provide high functionality and durability.

Following are the top factors that impact their longevity.


Sometimes, homeowners are unable to find a ready-to-install wardrobe in the high-quality material of their preference.

Certain types of wood and glass may not last as long as they desire, yet they cannot alter the product that has already designed as such.

But, getting a wardrobe customized gives them the option to choose the best timber, laminate, aluminum, hard glass, and other such long-lasting materials.


A customized wardrobe fits into any space available in a home.

Whether the homeowner wants to utilize the area under a staircase or convert any dead corner space into more functional space, it can be done with fit-to-size wardrobes.

This leaves the wardrobe functional for a long time.

On the other hand, misfit wardrobes may face the wear and tear of the users’ rough routine and require repair or replacement sooner than expected.


When a wardrobe is designed according to the available floor space and accommodates obstructions like doors, balconies, and awkward wall shapes and beams, it stays in place forever and requires low maintenance.

Thus, its longevity is positively affected as compared to loosely installed wardrobes that are weathered over time.

After-sales service

Usually, good vendors deliver after-sales service in case they design and build custom wardrobes in homes of their clients.

They do not just sell or install a piece and leave it to homeowners’ care.

Taking timely care of furniture further ensures its long life and the maintenance of aesthetics.

Build options

The well-fitted,in-wall wardrobes and those with premium paints and finishes maintain their style for a good period.

Homeowners can also go for options like the wardrobes with ball-bearing rollers that help in easy sliding and furniture protection, without hitting the wardrobe often unnecessarily.


Some individuals may not just want their wardrobe to keep clothes and shoes but also act as a dresser.

If they go for durable, multifunctional, integrated custom units, they will not need to dump frequently their dressing tables and rough wardrobes that keep them messier than organized.

Add-on work

While designing a tailored wardrobe, many service providers take care of add-on works like electricity, plumbing, and wardrobe lighting.

This secures the wardrobe in place for very long.

With sturdy and neatly fitted custom wardrobes, people can stay stress-free, as they neither have to disarray their space for fixing a ready-to-install unit or to keep painting and to finish it.