Continuity Errors One Should Watch Out During Film Shooting

Shooting a film is not a linear and continuous process. It is shot according to the availability of locations, actors, costumes, production crew, and several other factors. The filmmakers can shot the interval scene even before the beginning scene. However, irrespective of the way the film is shot, on-screen, every shot and scene should be aligned with the next in line; otherwise, continuity errors will make the film a laughing stock.

What are Continuity Errors?

Lack of consistency in the film scene is known as continuity errors. Suppose the camera opens on a character who goes into the bedroom with curtains of blue color. The character gets something out of the drawer, and the camera does not show curtains. As soon as the character moves towards the door, curtains come in camera, and now the color is red. This may seem like a little error, but it negatively impacts the success of the film.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail about the continuity errors one should watch out for during film shooting.

Top 6 Types of Continuity Errors You Must Avoid During Shooting

Film shooting is not an easier process. The film crew has to move the props, furniture and other items on the set to capture various types of shot which may not appear in a linear sequence in the film. Therefore, paying attention to the minutest details is the real test of the skill of the filmmakers. You must be aware of the types of continuity errors to avoid or fix them.

Here are some of the major types of continuity errors you must avoid during shooting.

1. Costumes Continuity

The biggest and most common type of continuity error in the film shooting process is costume continuity. It means the clothes, jewelry, makeup, nail color, and even the hairstyle or beard the character is donning in continued scenes. Taking care of such little details requires the support of experts. This is the major reason filmmaker hire companies offering services like film shooting in Abu Dhabi and make sure their film is free of costume and other continuity-related errors.

2. Prop Continuity

Prop continuity is the second most common continuity errors one should avoid at all costs during film shooting. Prop continuity includes the mistakes related to props, furniture, and other items visible in the scene. The errors can range in a wide variety, but some common examples include position change, color change, or missing the thing altogether.

3. Time Continuity

Another significant continuity error you need to watch out for during the film shooting process is time continuity. Most often, the dark hours depicted in the films are shot during the daytime but with proper lighting measures. So, you have to be very careful in continuity scenes and depict at the same time. Make sure daylight is not visible in the wee hours.

4. Acting Continuity

Another important continuity error filmmakers need to avoid at all costs is acting continuity. You may be wondering how it is even possible, but acting continuity errors do take place in film shooting. The actors have to show numerous types of emotions and wear various expressions. If they are shooting a scene after a time-lapse, it can include different expressions, gestures, or even emotions which is not good for onscreen depiction.

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5. Plot Continuity

One of the least common yet present continuity errors in film shooting is the plot continuity error. This type of error occurs when character details are mistaken. For example, it can be in terms of childhood details of character, their sibling history, work history, or relationship history. You need to make important story points clear so there is no ambiguity for the audience.

6. Camera and Audio Continuity

The last type of continuity error you must avoid during film shooting is the camera and audio continuity. If you change the equipment or its settings during continuity, it can negatively impact image quality, colors, and sharpness. The audio can also become too loud or too low, so watch out for these errors and avoid them. You can also hire professionals for film shooting in Abu Dhabi and let the production crew take care of details to avoid continuity errors.

How to fix continuity errors?

Fixing continuity errors once they have taken place is not so easy until you decide to shot again, which is also not a feasible option. So, taking measures beforehand and ensuring everything is in its place is the sure-shot way to avoid mistakes. Here are some tips that can help you avoid continuity errors.

  • Take detailed photos of scenes from various angles.
  • Write detailed continuity report.
  • Reduce time-lapse in shooting.
  • Get professional production crew from renowned companies on board.
  • Keep the continuity costumes and props on set to avoid missing them.
  • Consult script supervisor.