The Process to Identify, Fix and Protect your Magento and WordPress (WP) sites

Hackers never miss a chance to attack and e-commerce website. Even, according to the investigations, Adminer is one of the latest hacking attacks that has been done on E-Commerce sites. Here in this article, we are going to provide you details on how this hack occurs and how you can fix it and secure your website if you are a victim. In case your site is still protected, then and you can consider the factors to avoid such issue completely.

What Exactly The Trouble Is With Adminer?

In order to enable remote access to the database from the E-Commerce site, the owners usually use this popular my SQL administration tool. Usually, it happens that most of the websites leave the adminer accessible publicly. This mistake lets the hacker to login to the database with the help of login page.

Just like all other tools of the database, in order to get entry into Adminer, all you need is to enter the username and password. Hackers easily obtain the database credentials if the information is stored in the configuration files of the server. Usually, it happens on popular E-Commerce platforms like Magento and WordPress. It allows hackers to get access to the credentials of the database.

What To Do If Any Attack Occur Or What Are The Steps To Get Prevented From Such Attacks?

Here we have seated some of the important steps that you can take into consideration for mitigating the damage that has been done to your website. Additionally, you can also prevent hackers from getting access to your information.

  • In case you are using the Adminer tool, then you must ensure that you are using the latest version of the same.
  • In case, due to Adminer vulnerability if your website gets attacked, then you need to follow the given instructions carefully:
  • First of all, delete the Adminer script from the root directory. In case any other publicly accessible folder available then deletes the same from there as well.
  • Go to your database and change the password immediately, must choose a stronger password. Never use an old password again as the hackers already knew about it.
  • On your side, always take a look towards the super socilat wp-plugin. It is a fraudulent plugin that usually the hackers use for gaining access to the details available on your site.
  • Take a look at the list of the admins on your site. In case you find any of the admit suspiciously, then delete it immediately.
  • Set a new password for your word press eCommerce site on the Magento eCommerce platform.
  • Scan all the files manually that are having extension as .JS,.PHP. HTML. Must check that there are any suspicious-looking files that the hackers may have added to the server.

You must repeat all the steps given above for the adminer tool. Ensure that you have updated it towards the latest version before cleaning up.

What Can You Do To Prevent Future Attacks On Your Magento or WordPress Site?

Always use https 

This is one of the most effective methods that you can take into consideration for protecting your site from online cyber-attacks. Yes, get an SSL certificate from a recognized vendor and then install it on your eCommerce website. Thereafter, change the settings. Along with improving the security factor, the E-Commerce sites with https also get a better ranking in Google. Additionally, the search engine visibility of your site will also get boosted up.

Migration Towards A Secure E-Commerce Platform

Whenever you choose an E-Commerce platform, then along with the features, it is also important for you to take a look over the security factors. Some of the most secure platforms available for you are Magento and Woocommerce. And in case you are still using Magento 1 platform, then you can easily migrate towards Magento 2. Evan, you can consider taking help from Magento eCommerce store development agencies. The experts will help you out in getting migrated so that you can enjoy better security and improved features.

Ensure That The Security Hacks Do Not Cause Any Damage To Customers

Once the hacker gets the chance to enter your eCommerce website, then they do a lot of damage to the customers by getting access to their personal and sensitive information. The best way to avoid such a problem is not to store the sensitive information of your customer on the site. You can take the tokenization method for preventing credit card thefts on your website. Another option is sending an automated email to your customers every month. Remind your customers to change their passwords frequently.

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