Gain Muscle Fast: Tips on Muscle Building

Muscle building is an intensive task that requires a healthy balance of lifestyle, diet, and exercise. An individual roughly needs 2,800 calories to increase muscle mass and support protein synthesis in the body. Resistance training is another crucial part of building muscle fast. In addition, the ideal amount of calories per day is 250-500 to stay healthy. Protein is one essential macronutrient that immensely contributes to muscle building. While many people wonder when to take protein shake, we can say that consuming protein 20 minutes before a workout or within one hour of a workout can help gain muscle fast. However, the amount for daily nutrient intake to gain or reduce weight and gain muscle depends on the physical as well as the medical condition of a person. This is why referring to a nutrition expert before incorporating any health or muscle supplement into the dietary supplement is crucial. 

Tips to Gain Muscle With Nutrition- 

The best tip to gain muscle along with taking care of optimum nutrition is to eat a balanced diet. Consuming meals that achieve an individual’s caloric expenditure ensures muscle loss prevention, managing ideal body weight, and storing energy. Also, here’s a fun fact, muscle building need not be really rigid. Just a decent diet and workout routine can help you prepare the right strategy. So let us now have a look at the most vital tips to gain muscle quickly and easily.  

1. Never skip breakfast if you want to build muscle mass-

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, this saying or fact is very true when it comes to muscle building. Having a satisfying breakfast can help gain muscle and lose weight as it keeps people fuller for longer. Eating a meal first thing in the morning also gives a burst of energy to keep one lively all day. Some good breakfast options include milk smoothies, shakes, sandwiches, etc. 

2. Don’t starve yourself-

This may be surprising, but yes, all the trendy fasting diet practices cannot help build muscle fast. However, eating in small periods can boost muscle mass formation in the body. Eating all three meals of the day with snack sessions in between is not the usual but the correct dietary approach to gain weight. 

Eating frequently also keeps a check on portion control and can reduce unnecessary fats. It makes the occurrence of cravings less often and gives a satiating effect to the body. This practice can also effectively cut down belly fat. On the other hand, eating after longer time gaps can make one eat more than necessary. This also leads to more cravings and making unhealthy munching a routine. That is why eating within shorter time gaps at fixed periods can avoid unhealthy eating, ultimately enriching muscle building. 

3. Eat protein with every meal-

Protein is certainly a must to increase muscle mass and repair muscle tissues post-workout. A healthy person should eat 0.8 grams of protein kg of body weight. Whole protein sources with each meal are the best way to incorporate this amount of protein into the diet. A person with health experts’ advice can also choose any safe protein supplement available in the market to gain muscle fast. The top food sources of protein are- 

  • Poultry- Chicken and Turkey.
  • Red meat- Lamb, Beef, pork, etc. 
  • Fish- Tuna and salmon
  • Eggs- Whole eggs with egg yolk.
  • Dairy products- Milk, cheese, Greek yogurt, etc.
  • Legumes- Soy, pea, etc. 
  • Whey- wheat derivatives of protein

4. Try to eat whole foods mostly-

Most of the diet should include whole foods if you want to gain muscle mass fast. Whole foods refer to foods that have undergone no processing or filtering. They reach your kitchen in their original and natural form. Examples of whole foods include vegetables, fruits, eggs, pulses, fresh meat, etc. on the other hand, foods that go through processing include additives like trans fats, sugar, sodium, nitrates, etc. Many readily available packaged, canned, and frozen foods have these preservatives and additives that can become obstacles in the muscle-building process of a person. 

5. Consume carbs after workouts- 

Carbs deliver energy into the body and are necessary for strength and stamina. However, the carb intake of a person should not exceed a specific limit. This limit is crucial to watch unnecessary weight gain. A good idea to limit the daily carb intake to appropriate amounts is to consume carb-rich foods only after workouts. Rice, potatoes, quinoa, oats, etc., are some carb-rich foods that one can consume after workouts to gain muscle fast. 

6. Eat healthy foods

Last but not least, eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits makes digestion slow—the slow digestion ramps up the weight loss process along with gaining muscle mass fast. Along with eating whole foods for building muscle mass, a person would also ensure ample drinking water and should try to stay hydrated. Workouts and resistance training can cause water loss in the body. Hence drinking enough fluids is vital to keep the body cool and gain muscle mass without dehydration.


We can say that building muscle mass is a task that demands all-round health attention. From diet to training, everything is essential to gain muscle mass. While eating whole foods with a balanced diet is the most important element to gain muscle mass, adding nutrition supplements, especially protein powder is also an excellent way to speed up this process. However, it is vital to seek a trainers’ or health experts’ advice to mold meals and add health supplements to the routine.