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When choosing form types of Beds, you need to be very picky. Think about it, and you’re going to spend at least six to eight hours a night in it. Your bed needs to be comfortable and promote restful sleep. The set-up of your entire bed should encourage you to slumber in it. The best way to create a sleeping environment that provides comfort and encourages rest is to choose a suitable type of bed.

The following guide contains some of the most popular types of beds:

Panel Beds

This is a traditional style bed made from panels of wood that are joined together and is typical of the mid-century modern furniture style. These panels are typically located in the footboard and headboard, along with some molding around the panels. Panel beds are constructed from different types of wood and can be painted in any color.

Sleigh Beds

This is an elegant style of bed, one that resembles an actual sleigh with a curled footboard and headboard. Generally made from wood, sleigh beds are sometimes made from metal. Due to their fancy style component, sleigh beds are often made in large sizes such as king and queen.

Murphy Beds

This contemporary furniture-style bed is unique and different from a typical folding bed. Murphy beds have a storage and shelving unit attached to them, but the bed itself takes center stage. When it’s bedtime, it easily folds down. When not in use, the bed easily flips into the headboard and fits back into a storage unit. Murphy beds are great space savers, making them ideal for small rooms.

Day Bed

This bed type is similar to a sofa bed, except it doesn’t have cushions on top. Daybeds have three sides: a headboard, footboard, and side. When necessary, they pull out into a twin-size mattress. During the day, they convert into a seating area.

Contemporary Canopy

This is a modern furniture-style bed with minimal decorative accents. It features a thin and sleek design made from wood posts and a platform for the mattress. This type of bed is commonly seen in homes that are designed in contemporary style.

Traditional Canopy Bed

This is a widely recognized type of bed. It has large posts on either side that are decorative as well as imposing. There is a frame on top that acts as a roof. Sometimes curtains are draped over from this roof. Traditional canopy beds are made from heavy wood. Put together, and these beds have a regal appearance. Traditional canopy beds are usually seen in large homes that are decorated with heavy, ornate furniture.

Poster Bed

Sometimes called four-poster beds, this type of bed has poles coming out from every corner. These poles are the main focal point. As a result, you might see simple or elaborate decorative elements on these posters. Sometimes a bar might be placed across the top of the poles. Usually made from wood, four-poster beds are suitable for both children and adults.

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Pencil Poster Bed

The design of a pencil is similar to a four-poster bed except that each pole is skinny. There are a headboard and footboard as well. Unlike the four-poster, pencil posters have poles that are pointed on the top. The decoration on these poles varies. Pencil posters can be placed in any style of home and pair well with contemporary furniture styles.

Storage Bed

The name of this type of bed is a clue to one of the major benefits it possesses: storage! Usually designed in a contemporary furniture style, everyone can benefit from a storage bed, especially if you live in an apartment or smaller home. In a storage modern bed, there is a box beneath. This box is hollow, enabling you to store anything and everything, such as winter clothes, old toys, bedding, etc. You have to push back the mattress and pull up the platform (on hinges). Storage beds come in many sizes and are suitable for guest rooms, dorms, and master bedrooms.

When selecting a type of bed, ensure it matches the style of your home. Also, be sure that the size of the bed matches the dimensions of your space.

This guide contains some of the most popular types of beds but is by no means exhaustive. To discover more types of beds, visit Creative Furniture Store.