Guide To Maintain Your RO and UV Water Purifier

Water purifier are a necessity to us as we cope with polluted drinking water every day. Doctors also advise parents to allow their kids only to drink purified water. It is high time everyone gets one installed in our homes. It is the only way to protect our families and ourselves from dangerous diseases.

Many people ask for remedies that will help them keep their water purifiers in good condition for a longer period. We advise and so do the top-rated water purifier companies to get the Aquaguard service Mumbai at regular intervals. It is the only way.

Know Your UV purifier

UV purifiers are affordable and easy to maintain. This type of filter uses UV radiation to kill bacteria and germs in the water. UV lamps consume very little electricity, but they have to be replaced once a year. They don’t burn out, but the intensity of ultraviolet rays diminishes over time. This makes the UV lamp less effective against harmful bacteria and microorganisms. The lamp might appear to be working before you, but its effectiveness decreases, and you must replace it periodically.

The UV lamp inside the water purifier is placed inside a protective sleeve. Contaminants such as minerals, debris, sediments get built up on the sleeve, and you must also get that replace or cleaned as and when needed.

Steps To Clean A UV Purifier

Cleaning a water purifier is an easy task, but you need professional help like aquaguard service Mumbai when making a few parts replacements. But here are a few easy steps that will help you get the purifier cleaned on your own:

  • You need to turn off the water purifier and detach all electric connections
  • Make sure you wear gloves while performing the rest of the steps
  • After removing the UV lamp, allow it to cool for a while. Then unscrew the cap and remove the plug. Use a cloth while handling the lamp
  • Remove the UV lamp from the shield. Then if needed, replace new O-rings with old ones. Then change the old UV lamp to a new one
  • Carefully clean the protective shield using vinegar with soft tissue paper. And be very careful while doing so, as the glass can easily break. You must replace the shield every two years
  • Install the new O-rings that come in the same package along with the UV lamp. the new lamp and do not over-tighten the rings
  • Install the UV lamp back in its chamber to see that it’s properly place. Put on the safety cap
  • Put the water purifier back in its place and then see if it’s functioning properly. And you are done

RO Purifier Maintenance

RO purifiers are widely use all over the world. They are famous for their multi-stage purifying process. As they not only kill germs and bacteria but also get rid of dissolved contaminants.

RO purifiers have filters and a RO membrane that gets clog with impurities and needs to be replace at least once a year. So it is advise that you get yours serviced to keep it functioning for a longer period.

Layers of Filters that the water passes through while getting purified are:

  • Sediment Filter

This type of filter gets rid of all dirt, dust, and sediments and stops sediment accumulation inside the RO membrane. We recommend you replace it once a year.

  • Pre Carbon Filter

After the sediment filter, the water passed through an activated carbon filter. In this stage, chlorine is remove. This filter also removes bad odor and tastes from the water.

  • Post Carbon Filter

This filter enhances the taste of water and also removes residual impurities from the water.

  • RO Membrane

The RO membrane reduces arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, cyst (cryptosporidium), fluoride, lead, nitrates and nitrites, radium, selenium, and dissolved contaminants from water.

RO membrane gets clog with repeated use and loses efficiency, so you need to replace it. The RO membrane lasts for a year in most homes, but it entirely depends on your water consumption and usage levels.

Step By Step RO Purifier Cleaning Guide

The RO water purifier can last a long time if you maintain and service it periodically. But its efficiency decreases, but this system begins to deteriorate if you do not service it timely.

  • Replace all the filters at least once annually. This is the maximum life span of a RO filter after regular usage
  • The RO membrane or filter needs to be replace annually to maintain the water purification standards. In case of any delay in doing so, the membrane can get clog and stop functioning properly
  • You must never neglect cleaning the water tank connected to the filter. The water tank must be clean every six months, or there might be an iron deposit at the bottom, and a bad odor starts developing in the water
  • You must check for any drips and leaks in the pipes and faucets. The pipes shall be keep clean to prevent corrosion or blockage inside the pipelines.

The RO water purifier is a device that is use almost every day in most households. Maintaining it will increase the longevity of the purifier, and you will get maximum utilization out of it.