7 Most Horrible Habits That Probably Ruining Your Life

I want to make sure that you are not doing any of this that’s on this list today okay because if you are you’re probably ruining your life.

I want you guys to be successful & happy I want you to look your best and I want you to have the confidence to do whatever it is that you want to do in your life.

1. Spending Too Much Time on Phone

The first habit that is definitely ruining your life and you’re probably doing it right now this exact second is spending too much time on your phone.

It’s 2021 and being on your phone has never been easier you know but you got to control that screen time and nowadays they tell you they literally tell you this is how long you’ve spent on your phone and you look at that and you’re like wow that is a lot of time I did not realize that I spent that much time on my phone today that’s crazy.

I gotta tell you guys I can relate, you know this is something that I struggle with every single day because my job is on my phone I’m on social media a lot I’m checking out what my friends are doing I’m checking out what kind of jobs I should be posting on social media it’s just it’s a lot right.

There’s always new information that is the problem in today’s world with trying to stay away from your phone because literally I have my phone I close it put it in my pocket if I pick it up again five seconds later and I refresh there is something new there is a whole new feed on Instagram there’s a whole new feed on Facebook & twitter everything the world keeps going and there’s new notifications new things popping up every single second.

It’s pretty easy to find an excuse to stay on your phone 24/7 right because there’s always something new but you guys have to remember there is a life outside of that screen off that screen as well off this screen possibly right whether it’s being active, going outside, going to the beach, seeing your friends, & seeing your family well not so much 2020.

Uhh! what a year! I couldn’t wait for 2021.

It’s been an interesting one guys it’s definitely been nothing like we expected it to be.

2. Being Lazy

It’s also something that happened in 2020 lacking motivation you know it’s really important to work on being motivated to really motivate yourself to get things done and I understand that year 2020 was nothing like we expected, like I said and we kind of like stayed home in sweatpants and things were very different but it was also a great year because we had more time to do things you had more time for your passion projects, you had more time to work on things at home because you weren’t driving to work you were literally sitting at home and working from home so I took advantage of that.

You should try to think of something that inspires you that gives you that passion that everyone craves right and then use that as ammo or as gas to your fire to really get things done.

3. Watching Too Much TV

Wasting way too much time watching TV like I said the content nowadays is endless I am talking shows, series, movies, podcasts, & YouTube videos, there is endless content online.

You have to set a time for that don’t spend all day watching TV, here’s how I look at it I consider it a reward, I like watching TV,  & I like watching series those are my favorite right I consider it a reward and since I do like to watch my Netflix once in a while I make sure to get my things done so that I can then reward myself right then I can finish my work and be like all right now I’m gonna enjoy this even more than i would have if I didn’t work you should do the same.

Set your goal for the day and once you achieve it then you can reward yourself.

4. Focusing on Other’s Lives

This habit is definitely ruining a lot of lives and it’s focusing on other lives instead of your focusing on other people focusing on drama that is coming from other sides from other lives that have nothing to do with what you have going on in your life.

Oh my god! Did you hear that Ariana Grande got engaged! Yeah! her ring was really small, yeah! I didn’t like it either i don’t know why he got her that who cares like I get it.

It’s entertaining to look at someone else’s life, it’s entertaining to see what’s going on but don’t let it take your life away from you and that doesn’t just go for celebrities I’m talking about a friend or friend of a friend or people that you think you know but all of a sudden you’re gossiping.

Who cares let that go and worry about your life for example I’m a huge fan of David Beckham I’m a huge fan of John Mayer and there’s a few other guys that I really look up to right even though I’m a genuine fan and I want the best for them and I always try to stay in touch and see what they’re up to, I’m not gonna be gossiping about them I’m not gonna be wasting my time, my breath on what they’re doing because I know they’re not doing that about anyone else they’re busy living their lives.

Guys instead of spending time thinking about other people’s lives and worrying about what they have going on worry about yours.

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5. Obsessing at the Gym

Guys! I’ve worked out consistently since I was 16. when I first got my license that was the first thing that I did I’m like I am gonna go get a gym membership because now I can drive myself to the gym and there is nothing stopping me from being healthy and having the body that I’ve always desired but you know the more I went to the gym and I used to go to the gym every one hour a day back then when I was 16 the more I saw some guys that were just there all day I mean these guys were there like four hours a day it was insane they would do two hours working out and then they would chat for an hour and then they would go into cardio for an hour then they would stretch for half.

I’m like what are you doing you’re here for four hours do you not like these were like older guys still like you have a family and maybe that’s what they were trying to get away from.

Who knows but the thing is you shouldn’t obsess over your body unless that is something that you’re actually, that’s your job you’re competing if you’re a bodybuilder “I get it” “I get it” then you’re obsessing with your work which is something that I can definitely relate but if it’s a hobby if you just want to look good then don’t obsess over every pound over every inch you know don’t be looking at the scale and weighing yourself and weighing your food every single second it’s just not healthy like I said quick caveat here unless you’re a fitness trainer, a bodybuilder, & a nutritionist then I completely understand or if you’re going on a diet for health reasons that really need to be done.

What I’m saying is be healthy work out I’m always promoting that but there is no need to obsess over it.

6. Procrastinating

Ah man! This is something that we all do, I’ve definitely done this a lot and that is procrastinating.

That is a habit that will literally ruin your life.

It’s something that I used to do all the time when I used to go to school I never really liked school never really liked homework I don’t know if anybody actually liked homework back in the day but you know it’s something that you had to do, you had to do, you had to do and then I would always push it back and I would do it on the bus on the way to school and it would be like chicken scratch, right! my handwriting would look horrible.

Procrastination is probably the number one thing that is killing your motivation that’s killing your goals and the reason for that is that it’s just so easy to make an excuse right to say oh! you know what I’m gonna do that later because my back hurts, I’ll just I’ll work out later I have a headache so I don’t really want to write this script for this YouTube video, I’m kind of hungry so I’m just going to get up and go eat something before I start working on this, there are so many excuses but guys the reality is, it has to get done so why would you push it! why would you do that! just get it over with now.

Sometimes when I procrastinate writing content “for example” Uh! This is what happens I will be like you know what I’m gonna write this content tomorrow and then I’ll just write it really quick and I’ll post it the next day or the day after.

It should be fine the next day something happens I get sick or you know a friend wants to hang out and I hadn’t seen him in years and i’m like crap! now I have this dilemma do I see my friend who I haven’t seen in years or do I write my content right and all of a sudden you regret it you think man I should have just written it yesterday that’s when I had the time to do it, why did I push it back and now I’m having this trouble with it.

So do not procrastinate try to get things done as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your life.

7. Drinking Soda

Next one is something that I stopped doing so long ago and I’m so thankful so glad that I did drinking soda.

We used to drink soda all the time granted I was a teenager, I was about 16 to 17 years old and I used to drink soda all the time.

I didn’t really care but then as I grown up and read about it then I stopped drinking soda and to me it was something that I never really realized but man it made a huge difference my body changed I felt so much better and since then I don’t really drink any soda.

I have like coke once in a while which is literally like once or twice a year drinking soda is okay.

But If you’re doing it every day even if you’re doing it a bunch of times a week some people do it all day every day it really is not good for your body it has a lot of sugar it’s just going to destroy your body and that is something that you need to slowly get rid of this.

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This is where most people fail though they think that they can completely erase soda from their diets in reality they cannot it’s very hard to kick that habit what you have to do is you have to slowly get away from it so instead of drink drinking three a day you’re gonna drink one a day and then you’re gonna drink one every other day and then every three days so on and so forth you can’t just cold turkey because otherwise you’re more likely to fail.

Source: Alex Costa