Here are The Effective Medications for Piles Treatment

All living beings’ bodies are designed to absorb the nutrition from the food they consume and filter out the harmful or unabsorbable materials. This mechanism helps us maintain our metabolisms and prevent waste from accumulating in our bodies. Consequently, problems in one’s excretory system can adversely affect one’s functioning and lead to serious health hazards.

Today, advanced medical technology and interventions in the allied fields of nephrology and urology have facilitated holistic treatment and cures for such ailments. Piles or hemorrhoids are one such condition that can cause severe discomfort to the affected individual but may be effectively treated with the right medical interventions. So, what are piles, and what are some of the best medicines for piles in India? Have a look:

What are Piles of Haemorrhoids?

  • Piles or hemorrhoids are characterized by swelling in the anal and lower rectum veins, leading to excruciating pain or a sense of incomplete evacuation of the bowels after passing stools. 
  • Hemorrhoids are inflamed tissues in the anal passage and contain muscles, blood vessels, elastic fibre, and supportive tissues.
  • These hemorrhoids may occur inside the rectum veins (i.e., internal hemorrhoids) or outside these veins (external hemorrhoids).
  • While some severe cases of piles may culminate into symptoms such as anal bleeding, infection, faecal incontinence, etc., and may require surgery, most hemorrhoid cases are curable through medical treatment.

What are Some of the Best Medicines for Piles in India?

Today, a wide range of oral and transdermal (application-based) medications are available in the global market and prescribed by doctors depending on each case’s severity. Here are some of the commonly found over-the-counter piles medicines in India:

Naticura Hem-Control

Naticura Hem-Control is one of the most reputed oral medical interventions available for piles. This pill comprises witch hazel powder, which is proven to reduce inflammation and redness, and psyllium husk or ispaghula (isabgol), a dietary fibre used to remedy both diarrhoea constipation. An amalgamation of these two effective substances makes Naticura Hem-Control a tried-and-tested medical solution for piles. Moreover, these pills are devoid of artificial chemicals, comprising natural ingredients to soften the stools and provide immediate relief to piles patients.

Thena Sitz Bath Soak

The Thena Sitz Bath Soak consists of Epsom salt and dead sea salt, both of which are the perfect additions to your bathtub. While a hot-water bath is not a definitive cure for hemorrhoids, it can provide considerable pain relief and reduce redness and swelling in the anal passage. Moreover, Thena Sitz Bath Soak is further enhanced with coconut oil and magnesium oil, the combination of which has an incredibly soothing effect on the skin.

Doctor Butler’s Haemorrhoid and Fissure Ointment

This effective transdermal solution for piles consists of potent substances like aloe vera and lidocaine, plus other soothing agents like essential oils and amino acids. This ointment has provided quick relief to many patients and affordable over-the-counter treatment to remedy anal itching and pain.

Hilph Reusable Perennial Cold Pack

Ice is one of the most common anti-inflammatory substances for external use. Consisting of soft gel beads, this cold pack is an effective and affordable solution to soothe the anal canal and reduce soreness and itching. Moreover, the Hilph Cold Pack is easy to wash and absorbs water quickly, thus preventing it from dripping after use.

Hydrocortisone Rectal

Hydrocortisone rectal is a steroid medication recommended for external application to reduce itching or swelling in the rectum or anus. This medicine is effective in treating ulcers, proctitis, and other similar inflammatory conditions in the body. A patient may reap the best results from this ointment after eight weeks of consistent application.

Anacortes-HC Ointment

The Anucort-HC ointment or cream is used to remedy itching, swelling, and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Curated for external use, this ointment provides noticeable relief after eight weeks of application. It is advisable to consult your doctor before you begin your treatment course with this cream.


While there are several over-the-counter medications available for piles or hemorrhoids, it is always a good idea to research extensively on each product before purchasing it for internal or external use. Experienced doctors typically suggest combining oral and transdermal treatments to remedy and cure internal and external hemorrhoids. Moreover, following a healthy diet consisting of all the essential nutrients and avoiding spicy food are prerequisites to a speedy recovery from piles. Consulting your doctor at every stage and following your treatment course consistently can yield the best results.