How Best Can I Make Invisalign Treatment Faster?

It is great that you have decided to straighten your smile with Invisalign. You may also be wondering now that you have made this decision if there are ways the treatment process can be speed up.

Correcting a smile with Invisalign takes time. You are not even allowed to switch aligner trays when it’s not due as it can lead to non-temporary damage. From experience, sometimes, patients are in a hurry to get in and get out of the treatment. Some can’t even bear the thought of undergoing a smile correction for 18 months. 

That said, something can be done about Invisalign treatment to shave off some part of the duration. And you will find in this post certain measures you can adopt to make your Invisalign treatment go faster than planned. The secret is diligence and commitment. Let us cut the story and discuss how to speed up treatment with Invisalign.

  1. Never miss your Invisalign appointment: This sounds so simple, but the impact can be weighty. You won’t be spending much time at the orthodontist’s every month to check on the progress of your treatment. It takes just about 10 to 15 minutes, and you are done. But should you call off the appointment or not show up, you will be delaying your results and stalling the goal to expedite your Invisalign treatment. This appointment is very important as it allows the Invisalign provider to examine your teeth movement and determine whether it’s time you are given a new set of aligners. The truth is, without a new aligner set, your teeth will relapse (move back to their former position).
  2. Put on your aligners for 20 hours minimum each day: You wouldn’t want to know what will happen if you don’t stick to the 20-hours per day wearing rule of Invisalign. It may seem like a trivial matter, but your treatment will be delayed following non-compliance.

    Teenagers and young adults are the usual culprits in this case. But why is it important? The pressure the aligners put on your teeth needs to be steady each day for proper teeth movement. Inconsistent wearing time on a daily basis over a period of time will put teeth roots in a dire position, and they may move back to their initial crooked condition.

    So, to avoid a relapse, try as much as possible to wear your trays as recommended. One good way to help you achieve this is setting your mind each day on the end result – straighter teeth and smile. Imagine how beautiful your smile post-treatment will be, and commit to wearing Invisalign.
  3. Try cosmetic (short-term) braces: Do you know you can straighten just the front teeth that people see when you smile with short-term Invisalign? Yes, it is possible with this aesthetic-centred treatment. This means that the treatment will not be taking much time as it won’t be correcting the back teeth. Using Invisalign Express, a smile makeover can be done in about 6 months. But, not every patient can get this treatment. Your back teeth should be examined to know if the bite is satisfactory before you are allowed to use accelerated braces. You can see your dentist to know more about this device and how it can help.
  4. Find out about acceleration devices: Everyone will not be a suitable candidate for accelerated orthodontic work. However, some persons may qualify to get this treatment. Acceleration devices are designed to release minimal vibrations on the teeth. You will have to wear them over the Invisalign aligners, after which they will vibrate your teeth gently for 15 to 20 minutes every day.

    The idea is that releasing tiny pressure on the ligaments surrounding your teeth will trigger teeth movement at an increased pace and bone remodelling for a faster Invisalign treatment. But most professional orthodontists advise that care be taken if you are to use this kind of device since they may need more re-mapping from time to time or alterations in your treatment plan. You should first consult your Invisalign provider to know whether this option is good for you.
  5. Switch your aligner trays following your dentist’s guidelines: Aligners are to be worn for some time, and you will be given another set afterwards. Each set of aligners is designed to move your teeth to a certain extent until they eventually get to the desired position. It is very normal to think that changing into a new set of aligners when it is not yet time can make your treatment faster. As appealing as this sounds, you are advised not to do it. Invisalign experts and orthodontists do not support this cause. Should you even stay a day or two without wearing your aligners, the consequences may be dire. You may begin to experience damage to the bone, root resorption, and relapse. Should this be the case, all your effort will go down the drain as you will have to start a fresh orthodontic treatment. Isn’t that awful?

There are more methods via which Invisalign treatment can take less time than usual, but these are the best strategies for faster treatment with Invisalign.

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