How Contact Lenses Can Improve Your Daily Life

Contact Lenses
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One of the main concerns for single-use products is the accumulated waste and ecological footprint. Even more when these products are essential for health and you need to consume them every single day. Thankfully, environmental-friendly products like Clariti contact lenses are now available in the market today. 

These contact lenses became the first net plastic neutral prescription contacts in the United States of America in 2021. The manufacturers are committed to collecting and reusing plastics, leaving no footprint behind. As a sustainable facility continually produces these lenses from renewable energy, here are some valuable tips and information to know as you wear them out comfortably:

What are they?

You have to discard disposable contact lenses after wearing them for a short time. One-day disposables are contact lenses that you have to wear and dispose of a pair of daily. They are convenient to use as they don’t need cleaning because they are not prone to the harmful build-up of debris and pathogens. 

Due to this, experts and professionals consider daily disposables such as Clariti contact lenses the healthiest option to wear, among other products. These disposables come in packed with a sterile solution that they retain well all day. Moreover, this natural-like solution quickly dries up when its time is up, and you have to discard them immediately. 

Can they be worn regularly?

As mentioned earlier, disposables are the healthiest products available, so daily wearing them is okay. In addition, these lenses come in various designs and colours, which might be a plus for you. You have to make sure that your contacts accommodate your specific prescription correction and sight requirements. 

Moreover, wearing daily disposables longer than a day or beyond their recommended hours can lead to infections and complications. They might irritate your eyes as there’ll be less oxygen to the cornea. Thus, your allergic reaction can lead to unfortunate permanent eye damage.

How is Clariti different?

The Clariti contacts have hydrogel components which offer the most significant benefits among other options. The soft silicone material moisturises your eyes throughout the day, thus keeping them white and healthy. These lenses can also protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays due to their inherent UVA and B blockers. 

What are some tips on wearing them?

The same tips of avoiding wearing them when you’re asleep or swimming in traditional contacts are also applicable to disposables. You also shouldn’t wear contact lenses while still doing your makeup or before you complete your morning beauty routine. Most importantly, you shouldn’t pick and apply the lenses to your eyes while your hands are dirty.

You should sanitise your hands with soap and water first and dry them thoroughly before handling your contacts. It would be best if you also didn’t reuse or reinsert a dropped contact lens on the floor or filthy surface. Furthermore, when you choose to lubricate the lenses with your saliva before thinking of putting them back on.

Daily disposables are relatively thinner and more fragile than the traditional ones, so reusing them isn’t ideal. Furthermore, sanitising them would be problematic as they are meant to be immediately disposed of and thus do not have their cleaning solution. Similarly, putting a dropped contact back into your body will cause more trouble than opening another packet. 

While you might be apprehensive about using Clariti contacts every day, you have to take note of its advantages. First, the brand’s hydrogel material and sustainability efforts outweigh the cost. Furthermore, you save more money as you won’t need to spend on lens care products.