How Frequent Should My Visits to the Dental Hygienist Be?

With age comes the difficulty in keeping our teeth clean via brushing and flossing only. Keeping your teeth hygienically clean is a job best done by a dental hygienist as they have been trained to do so. But you might just be thinking how often you should see a dental hygienist in St Albans to ensure teeth hygiene. This depends on your oral health and peculiar condition.

However, the general rule is to see your hygienist every 6 months. Interestingly, many persons see the hygienist every 3 months to keep their teeth white and bright.

That said, let us take a look at some situations that may require you to visit the dental hygienist.

Prior to a special event

So, there is an upcoming business dinner for your company, and as a top staff, you need a healthy and confident smile as a plus for when you will be pitching to prospective clients. But you don’t have time to whiten your teeth. No worries, a quick visit to a dental hygienist will give you sparkling white teeth. Our dental hygienist St Albans are available every day of the week, so you can be sure of getting the service whenever you stop over. You should bear in mind that basic hygiene cleaning is different from cosmetic cleaning. But the goal is the same – to make your teeth look brighter and feel cleaner.

Pre- or post-orthodontic treatment

That an orthodontic work is successful means you have been able to keep up the health of your teeth. This is something most people will need help achieving. Should it be that you are using fixed braces, teeth cleaning may not be easy for you. But you can do better with the help of a dental hygienist. From cleaning the teeth to offering useful tips on how to, your dental hygienist will give you all the support you need. Post-treatment, see a dentist for professional cleaning to keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

Pre- or post-dental implants

One of the prerequisites for getting dental implants is having strong, healthy teeth and gums. Not just that, ensuring they are always clean is as important as getting the device. And you can get help from a dental hygienist to maintain healthy teeth. Should you be unable to keep the dental implants as clean as they should be, you may develop peri-implantitis – a condition that makes the implants not to function properly. So, do you need help keeping the implants in form? Consult a dental hygienist right away.

When you have issues with your gum

The gums hold the teeth. They should also be in good condition for the entire mouth to be healthy. If you are experiencing gum issues, they may not disappear on their own. When you begin to experience symptoms like bloody spit and a strange taste in the mouth, you must visit a dental hygienist. You can get the best advice on how to fix gum problems from your dental hygienist. They will also help you take out any plaque that might worsen the problem. Some people simply ignore signs of gum disease until it escalates into something severe.

When you are having a health problem

There are health conditions that are precursory to teeth and gum issues. Most people don’t know this, which is why the need for a comprehensive health check is emphasised. As a matter of fact, recent proof has been found to support claims that certain health conditions can exacerbate periodontal disease. This holds true in persons with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Should you still have doubts, it is advised you visit your dental hygienist and discuss your lifestyle and health with them. These specialists are in a good position to advise you on the possible risks you are exposed to. This is a service you can count on to promote your oral health.

Don’t make the mistake of believing a health condition has nothing to do with other aspects of your general health, including dental health. Always consult your healthcare giver.

When you are pregnant

Being pregnant is a time to take your oral health seriously. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy is very common. These changes are so much that your dental health may be affected. Should your pregnancy be the type that comes with morning sickness, you stand a chance of having damaged teeth. There is a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis. This is one major reason why pregnant women should see the dental hygienist every 3 months to prevent this disease.

See a dental hygienist

Let’s go over what we have discussed. You may have to use a dental hygiene service in addition to regular flossing and brushing if you want to have healthy, clean teeth as you grow older.

A dental hygienist will also be helpful when you are planning to attend a special occasion, during pregnancy, when there is a health condition, for gum problems, pre-and post-dental implants and orthodontic treatment.

It is recommended that your dental hygienist visits come every 6 months. But it comes down to your dental condition and health. There are persons who visit every 3 months. Have an understanding of what oral concerns you have and plan your visit accordingly.


Most people may consider a dental hygienist visit to be intimidating and so become anxious. We do understand all of that, which is why our dental team will make your visit comfortable, fuss-free, and not painful. So, even if it’s your first time, you can rest easy with our dental hygienist St Albans. We have everything under control. From the latest teeth cleaning technology to the finest hands, our patients are well taken care of.