How is Technical SEO Useful in Search Engine Ranking?

Search engine optimization is the only method that can help a website owner in achieving online business goals by having organic results. It is the main reason why all individuals have to hire the best SEO agency with some unique SEO techniques and a good service plan. When it comes to SEO practices, there are three major types of search engine optimization practices done by professionals, such as – 

  • Technical SEO 
  • On-Page SEO 
  • Off-Page SEO

If we talk about the most important thing or very first step, it is technical SEO. In this article, you can get details about the technical SEO and how it can help gain search engine ranking. 

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical search engine optimization practices are useful in keeping your website technically SEO-friendly. In case your website is not optimized technically, you may face multiple problems in achieving the desired ranking.

If you hire the right professionals and keep the website optimized perfectly, it can help you hold top-notch ranking positions with ease. For all these things, you have to focus on some specific technical search engine optimization practices. 

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Technical SEO Practices That Can Help You In Better Search Engine Ranking Results

Mobile-Friendly Website 

All individuals need to make sure they have a mobile-friendly website. In case your website is not mobile-friendly, you may lose a big audience base. It is not good to serve the mobile audience or users with a desktop website. If you access a desktop website on a mobile device, it does not appear perfectly and leads to different types of problems as well. The users may not understand anything.

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According to Google SEO guidelines and algorithms, having a mobile-friendly website is useful in boosting the website’s rank. If you hire the best SEO company, you can get the website ranked quickly. 

XML Sitemap 

A sitemap is one of the best sources by which you can define everything regarding your website, such as – number of pages, URLs, posts, etc. You should create the website XML sitemap, optimize and submit it. Before submitting the sitemap, you have to check out multiple factors. Firstly, you have to check out the robots.txt file.

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Robots.txt file is the first thing that is checked by a crawler or search engine bot before visiting your website. In this case, your robots.txt file is blocked, bots will never access your website in these conditions, it does not matter how you are optimizing the XML sitemap or submitting it. In case you are running a big and heavy website with over 50000 URLs, you should consider the option of dynamic XML sitemaps. 

Website Speed 

If you choose the best SEO agency, they can help you understand the importance of website loading speed and time. In case your website is taking lots of loading time, it is essential to optimize it properly. Proper technical optimization can help you in decreasing the website load and keep it running smoothly.

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Increasing the website loading speed can be possible in two ways; first, you can lighten the website. Another method is expanding the size of your hosting plan. All these things can be useful in several ways. 

Weekly Technical SEO Audits 

With time, there are different types of changes taking place in the website’s coding and functioning. All these things are becoming a big reason for some technical problems as well. In case you do not detect and sort out these issues on time, it starts leaving a bad impact on the SEO ranking. 

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To avoid all these problems, you should try to be the focus on weekly technical search engine optimization audits. Regular audits are useful in getting technical updates about the website and other related details. 

Avoid Duplicate Content Problem 

As we know, Google will rank the websites that have high-quality content without any kind of plagiarism issues. In case someone uses duplicate content on the website, you may not get rank. Google search engine bots never crawl these types of pages. With the help of technical SEO audits and proper inspections, you can figure out the pages with duplicate content issues. 

In case you detect any problem, you have to take some immediate actions. Here, you can optimize the website’s technical part with canonical URLs and prevent the chances of duplicate content appearing with ease. 


Everyone has to make sure they have a fully secure website to serve the clients. It can be possible only with the help of a website that is secured with an SSL certificate. Here, you need to implement an SSL certificate on the website, and it turns the website URL from HTTP to HTTPS. 

If you discuss everything with your SEO company and experts, you can understand how broken links can cause damages to your website’s search engine ranking. You have to consider a proper audit that can find out all broken links of your website and fix these links as fast as possible. When you run these types of links, a 404 error window will appear. 

These are some major factors that can help you understand the importance of technical SEO in search engine ranking results.